Zend at QAIT Devlabs

Team here at QAIT Devlabs use Agile software development methodology. Zend provide loosely coupled modules which can be used as plug and play.

If you need a slice of pizza you should not be forced to buy complete pizza, here developer can use the module of their own choice.

As demand of Agile is frequent delivery we have our own Zend inherited custom library which helps us in developing things quicker by following standards. Zend use completely PHP 5 the OOPS concept.

Zend is having partnership with many companies which are having prior experience in PHP framework development.

While developing any application security is the main concern Zend itself follows different security standards we extends Zend library and verify each and every request.

We are using custom validators and filters for forms.

Zend Framework components are unit tested using PHPUnit.

Zend support multilingual support, also we can write our own dictionary and can use the same using Zend_Translate module.


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Ashish, Senior Software Engineer

Ashish, Senior Software Engineer

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