Zend Framework

About Zend Framework, it is an open-source scripting engine or a software framework for PHP developed by the company Zend.

About its architecture it is very flexible so that you can build interactive web applications and web services very easily. Its main strength is its Modular Approach which contains Model-View-Controller design. This not only makes the code reusable but also makes it easily maintainable.

MVC is the term which we can define as an architectural pattern and is being used in Software Engineering. As we know when the product go on extending then its complexity increases and so a large amount of data is being presented to the end user. So, in Zend Framework we maintain the user interface and the logic in different places so that we can reorganinze the data without affecting the UI. To do so Zend provides an another component called Controller which separates the bussiness logic and the UI.

Zend Framework provides a very good platform to work and is the reason why PHP is being used for big enterprise applications.

If we talk about the database then Zend framework provides access to various types of RDBMS through an object-oriented and database-independent interface . There are a lot of databases that are being supported by Zend Framework . For eg., Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, Oracle, MySQL, SQLite and PostgreSQL .

If we talk about Web Services then Zend Framework provides various classes to publish Web Services and feeds.

Zend Framework has made the common application development tasks quick and easy. For example, solutions for authentication, email, caching, filtering input, sessions, and others are included.

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Rahul Chakraborty , Software Engineer

Rahul Chakraborty , Software Engineer

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