Why Salesforce Marketing Cloud in a gist?

Why Salesforce Marketing Cloud in a gist?

In today’s market, wherein various tools and strategies whether it is AI or Robotics, have impacted the market and thus have changed the face of customer experience. The main objective of current companies now is to understand customer’s needs by focusing on customer engagement as customer experience is a key differentiator.

As we are living in a digital era, we just can’t have email only as the source of power pact communication. People aren’t always at their desks scrolling down a ton of emails. So here comes Marketing Cloud which is built on the number one CRM platform. There’s no hard and fast rule that one has to be a big company to use Marketing Cloud. Marketing Cloud can help grow any company with a marketing team of one or One Hundred or One Thousand.

Salesforce Marketing cloud gives you the power where you have the platform to plan, to know your customers better, to personalize and engage across the journey throughout.

How can you decide if Marketing Cloud is a good way to go for you or Your Organisation?

If you are keen to connect with your customers in a more personalized manner, then you’re on the right path. One can use this platform efficiently through Salesforce development services to reach its customer through various channels like email, mobile, social network, ads etc. 

Salesforce app development is enabling robust integration of marketing cloud to helps in building the relationship with your customers whether current, old or prospective customers.

Marketing Cloud Products:


Datorama enables cross-platform marketing intelligence by unifying data sources, visualizing AI-powered insights.

Google Analytics 360

For seamless customer journeys, try using Google Analytics 360 with Marketing Cloud.

Analytics Builder

While using Analytics Builder, you can display the reports using bar graph, pie charts and other visualization techniques.

Content Builder

Use content builder to create, manage and track content across all the digital channels from a single location. It also provides smart content blocks with drag-and-drop features to create the content once and reuse it.

Personalization Builder

This builder has the power of personalizing each customer’s preference. and helps build profiles of customers while using those profiles for personalized content and deliver it across channels.

Audience Studio

It captures data from different sources and devices for creating valuable customers experiences.

Data Studio

Here in this, publishers can share second party data with marketers in a trusted way.

Interaction Studio

With real time interaction management, it visualizes, tracks and manage customer experiences.

Email Studio

Using this, helps in creating customer engaging emails where you can keep tabs on your email campaigns.

Mobile Studio

You can engage with customers by sending real-time alerts, notifications.

Advertising Studio

By using this product, you can fuel digital advertising and can manage ad campaigns across various platforms like Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc.

Social Studio

It provides social listening tools to hear conversations from different sources and accordingly you can plan, execute, connect and track your social media campaigns.

Marketing Cloud integration with other Customer Success Platforms 

Marketing Cloud Connect is the product which works with other Customer Success Platforms, be it Commerce Cloud, Service Cloud, Sales Cloud or Community Cloud. It possesses great benefits to your customers, marketers, sales reps.

Why Salesforce Marketing Cloud

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With Marketing Cloud Connect, you can access powerful Marketing Cloud Tools directly within Sales or Service Clouds. In addition, you can leverage all your sales and service data and thus can tailor every interaction directly from Marketing Cloud and deliver your messages across all channels and services.

How Marketing Cloud helps in defining Digital Marketing Strategy? 

Digital Marketing strategy plays a vital role in today’s growing companies as alone a technology nor a platform can solve all business problems neither can they caters the needs of customers fully. Thus start accessing your strategy by :

  • knowing your customers better
  • personalizing with intelligence
  • engaging across the entire journey

According to Salesforce, while using Marketing Cloud, “Every interaction and engagement with customers is covered”. It is the platform for delivering relevant and personalized journeys across channels and devices, enabling Marketers to deliver the right message at the right time throughout all phases of the relationship.

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