Why is app testing booming in India?

Facebook’s Bug Bounty Program is a big hit in India. Indian testers, especially security testers are said to make the most of this bug bounty program – with 205 researchers actively participating in it and over 40 million dollars that FaceBook has paid these researchers so far for the issues reported. India leads the global list both in terms of number of people involved in the program and the bounty paid. What makes India so adept in app testing?

Indians doing well in IT is nothing new. Given the core intellect supported by good education in the STEM disciplines, Indians have traditionally done well in the field of software design and development, to the extent that there was a huge brain drain out of the country in the 90s and early 2000s. The last decade has been seeing a shift though with several MNCs starting offices in India, and a lot of the Indians moving back home. A significant obvious benefit from this has been the socio-economic uplift the country has been going through. Additionally, the start-up scene has been thriving very well with India no longer being a services sector alone – several product start-ups have been doing very well both on the domestic and global marketplaces. Mobile and social computing have penetrated very well across the country touching even remote corners in a very effective manner. Smart phones are being used even by the not so literate on a regular basis for day to day activities such as booking cabs, to even conducting their businesses (for example, several home makers are successfully running businesses today using apps such as Watsapp). The combination of the mobile app penetration along with the curiosity of Indian minds to explore newer bounds, topped with the sheer population numbers, has made India a thriving ground for app testing. The app testers in these cases are not necessarily trained software testers, but the ones who have required traits such as analytical thinking, curiosity to try scenarios, willingness to provide feedback on newer apps, all of which together make them “born testers strengthened on the field”. The infrastructure support is also right and conducive with good internet bandwidth, data plans, empowering the Indian market to lead the app testing space in the global marketplace.


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