Why is a Cloud-based Solution Best for Application Testing?

Advantages of cloud-based application testing

The applications of cloud computing have increased manifold over the years. Presently, forward-thinking business firms hire experts for cloud testing services to examine the functionality of their applications. For quality assurance purposes, cloud-based software testing solutions have gained significant popularity.

Cloud testing refers to a particular type of application or software testing, where your apps or software is examined through the cloud computing infrastructure. Cloud testing is meant to test your business applications for their functional as well as non-functional specifications. Sophisticated cloud computing mechanisms ensure more scalability, availability of features and flexibility, thereby saving cost and time of software testing. 

What is Cloud-based Application Testing?

Cloud-based testing of applications involves tools available in the cloud system. The objective is to emulate user traffic and environments in the real world. This kind of testing is applicable for examining web, cloud and installed applications. Professionals delivering reliable cloud testing services come up with the ideal test environments. They configure the necessary aspects as per the requirements of the application.

Besides, you must have come across the term, TaaS (Testing as a Service). Reputed companies collaborate with business organizations, providing professional support for software testing. You can reach out to established service providers for an overall inspection of your software or application. Alternatively, you may want to carry out particular types of testing, such as functional test, security test, performance test, etc.

Advantages of Cloud-based Application Testing

Cloud-based testing of applications come with several benefits, as compared to traditional software testing. Read on to know why you should seek cloud testing services from professional companies.

1. Readily available and dynamic testing environment

Presently, one can avail cloud-based application testing services on demand. Reputed companies offering these services are known for their fast turnaround time. The subscription model is available with most of the service providers. This enables the quality assurance professionals to get access to the browser and start examining immediately.

2. Affordable and secure services

Professional cloud testing of applications is affordable. You can get the necessary support from the experts, depending on the respective testing needs. The reason is, you can perform cloud testing in private, public or hybrid clouds. If you are looking for cost-effective services, you might opt for public cloud. The level of security, in this case, is considered acceptable. However, many organizations opt for greater security and decide to get their applications tested in the hybrid cloud environment. This can protect your application from various security constraints.

3. Enjoy scalable services

Scalability happens to be one of the best attributes of professional cloud testing services. Traditional testing services involve the forfeiting of certain operations to support other operations. The service providers, in this case, deploy the necessary hardware intelligibly in order to generate more space. However, on the cloud system, this is not the case as you get to enjoy more elasticity in the range of services. Therefore, you can ramp the services up and down, depending on your project needs. Therefore, regardless of your requirement size, you can scale the services as needed.

4. Disaster recovery is simpler

When you adhere to the traditional processes for creating backups, you might face time constraints. Besides, upgrades may come in the way, which raises the overall cost. Events of hardware failure or natural disasters cannot be ruled out as well. Failure to retrieve your data may bring your business to a standstill. However, the backup and storage mechanisms are more sophisticated on the cloud. In case of a disaster or loss of data, recovering the same becomes easy and simple. Most of the reputed companies providing cloud testing services have their unique contingency plans in place.

5. Cloud testing of application is cost-effective

No matter which industry you operate in, you would try to cut down costs. Testing your software through the cloud system is cost-effective. With the cloud testing mechanisms in place, the engineer labour and server maintenance expenses are lower. The overhead cost on technology is drastically slashed down when you switch to the cloud mechanism. Eventually, you can simply reallocate these financial resources to enhance your testing practices and overall infrastructure. Leading companies specializing in software testing deploy automation technologies. This further streamlines the quality assurance process, leveraging your returns on investment.

6. Services are easily customizable

One of the prime benefits of opting for cloud testing services for application is the ability to customize what you need. The testers can seamlessly emulate an environment appropriate for the user, using minimal time and resources. Besides, competent teams can carry out different types of testing, depending on the respective device environment.

7. Test environment is configured properly

You must be aware of the time required to seamlessly set up the test environment on different devices. With professional cloud testing services for applications around, you can mitigate the time requirements. Besides, any possible error made during the configuration process is likely to get repeated across all the devices. Deploying cloud-based tools, you can eventually do away with the chances of these mistakes. The service provider would preconfigure the environment, which would save your resources and of course, time.

8. Enjoy comprehensive testing

When you reach out to the service providers for software testing, the application has to be run by the test team on all possible devices. This might support various operating systems, platforms and browsers. Opting for cloud testing services gives you access to all these configurations and devices. This does away with the necessity to purchase them. This, too, helps to save your resources once you collaborate with the service providers.

9. Seamless team collaboration

Collaborating with reputed cloud-based testers, software companies can deploy DevOps better. These activities call for better coordination between the testers and developers. When you work in the cloud environment, the testers are capable of spinning up test environments. They can also configure the environment as needed, automating the overall testing processes. Working with a professional team of cloud application testing can also give you access to sophisticated tools such as Heroku and Docker.

10. Faster application testing

Most of the reputed service providers offering cloud testing of applications automate the testing process. Eventually, the time needed to market the software is greatly reduced. When the process is automated, it becomes amazingly easy to develop the testing infrastructure. Besides, you can benefit from enhanced collaboration between the team, with access to real-time reports. The overall process of testing becomes more efficient.

These are precisely why cloud testing services are gaining popularity across the globe. Whether you want to get your infrastructure, network or application tested, you can reach out to the reputed service providers around, to enable you in the journey of scalable and reliable engineering with a focus on software quality.

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