Why do we test ?

This may sound a very silly question. But this was a blog I read on TechWell this morning which is a good question to start with, to answer several questions. As independent software testing professionals, who have been in the business of software testing and quality assurance services for over 14 years now, we look at this question in varied ways, in addition to what is mentioned in the blog. Firstly today, software testing is not just about ensuring a system meets its defined requirements. There is more to it especially from end user expectations, market acceptance, competition, compliances and several other standpoints. While checking for functionality and non- functionality of an application in conformance to defined requirements is one core piece, several other pieces including non-functional elements such as an application’s performance, secure functioning, use by local markets, access by one and all including the challenged, compatibility across varied platforms and devices are all also part of quality charter in ensuring an application’s readiness for market consumption.

QA Testing

At the bottom line, every tester and every product team member has to understand that the goal of a quality/test effort is to ensure an application is of a desirable quality that it is competitive and ready for end-user consumption, capable of creating end user delight and value. If each one of us start from this big picture, answering the question top down on why do we test, it becomes not just possible but fully justifiable from varied standpoints.

In today’s age of DevOps, merging of test and dev functions etc. that have become fairly common, and the tester’s role is increasingly questioned, it is in our best interest to understand software testing services holistically rather than shallow. Some of our presentations in leading conferences in India and globally on, gives and takes in a software tester’s role, time to resurrect independent software testing, five quick bites to innovate in software testing , prioritization in software testing are all very well received which additionally delve into this question on why do we test. Testing as a profession, as a function, is here to stay. The onus is on us as test professionals, to keep the torch burning and bright, by aligning what we do with the changing times and needs, through constant innovation and improvement.

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