When you ‘write’ drunk and we ‘test’ sober

Hemingway’s words still echo but with a twist in the tech world. In the digital domain, e-learning has swooped in, making learnability a prime motive for it to be available across the globe. For learners at all levels, learning has become more convenient and effective as they can anytime and from anywhere access the courses of their choice.  And seeing how big this market has grown, the need for testing has risen simultaneously in ensuring quality of this platform’s design as well as the content. With a number of management systems, testing ensures that the usability and functionality of the application is butter smooth and more importantly, is accessible to all. But what comes across as one of the main concerns is the content itself. Agreed, that UI testing is a crucial part of the whole scenario but if the content in itself is not flawless, then the bigger picture of testing seems insignificant. The process to check content then, needs to be given immense consideration along with functional testing.

eLearning App Testing

Therefore, by not interpreting the headline literally and knowing the intent behind it, QA InfoTech comes into the limelight of testing content ‘sober’. With the basic aim of testing e-learning applications, our testers toil everyday in ensuring quality, especially of the content, including images, tables, alignment etc., wherein we check its cross-platform compatibility (across iOS and Android; on desktop as well as mobile devices) and in sync with the latest standards. With a number of plugins in the market the process to test has become more effective and that is what has been adopted by our testers who not only ensure the authenticity of the content but also have entered into the domain of ‘pure’ content testing wherein the manuscripts (source document) are matched with the updated ones. We also bring in manual as well as automated checks here, with our hybrid system in place, to ensure there are no recurring errors and are captured before deployment. These include XML checks such as validation against schema, verification of tags, images, tables, size and even Unicode. We’ve spread our expanse into the fields of accessibility and even in localization where we perform linguistic testing to ensure the content is updated within the standards of the specific locale. Such kind of testing is rather important and ensures a wholesome check on e-learning apps.

Thus, if you ‘write drunk’, we are here to edit, or rather test, your content ‘sober’ by ensuring thorough assessment and quality. For more details on what we do in this space, do visit our services and verticals pages – alternatively, we are just an email or phone call away.

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