What’s a good starting point for a testing services engagement

Services partnerships continue to stay strong globally – new partnerships are entered into daily, existing ones are extended and nurtured – the IT industry thrives on partnerships. We get a lot of prospect enquiries for quality and testing partnerships. In such cases, like in every other case, there is always a question on what’s a good start point – assuming the two organizations align on capabilities, the next discussion point is around where to start the engagement. Unless the prospect (to-be-client) has very specific testing services needs, this question is one that the services provider can help address, with the experience they have in the field. Taking into account the current state of quality, the overall maturity of the quality program, the issues to tackle first, what constraints the client is operating within, a solution needs to be offered. When it is a completely new partnership entered into and a question arises on where to start the engagement, an exploratory effort involving functional testing services is almost always a good bet. This is the case for many different reasons.

Functional Testing Services

  1. It enables the client to gauge objectively on the value the service provider is able to bring in, very quickly. Also, it is a good proving ground for the service provider, where within a short window clear value proposition can be proven
  2. Estimation is easy to start with, with a defined time window to show case specific results
  3. Costing is not too cumbersome or overbearing for the client
  4. Protocols around communication, process, rapport establishment, etc. can happen very well in this initial phase, allowing room for introspection and quick remediation, if needed post the early pilot
  5. It promotes early product understanding, without a lot of handholding from the client’s end
  6. Just in case the alignment between the two entities does not work out for whatever reason, there is a clear exit strategy without a lot of expensive investments on either end

The above are a good set of points to consider in deciding functional testing as a good starting point which can then be followed up further with extensions or other areas of services to provide.

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