What to focus on, in mobile application testing?

Mobile applications are omnipresent today – globally as of June 2016, Google play had over 2.2M apps, Apple app store had over 2M and Windows Store had close to 670K apps. The increase in mobile applications and the mobile testing matrix has certainly created more opportunities for testers but equally so has added a lot more on their plate that they need to smartly optimize on. The increase in the testing scope is not necessarily equally matched with a growth in the test team size – how are the testers then able to take care of the new scope yet ensuring quality of the apps are not compromised – this is where the right focus and test strategy for mobile testing services is very important. What are some of the best practices in determining the right focus areas for mobile app testing?

  1. Determine what test cases already exist and how and where they have already been executed – for example, although functional testing is important on mobile devices if functionality has already been adequately tested on a web implementation, on the mobile devices the focus can just be on the rendering, compatibility and other non-functional areas such as usability, accessibility, performance, security etc. As part of these the core non-functional areas of test, a smoke functional pass can also be done. This will save a lot of time as opposed to doing one full round of functional test pass helping you spend more time and focus on areas that need attention
  2. Similarly, bring in the right optimization strategy for mobile app testing services. These could include pointers such as: Functional issues are more OS dependent rather than on device size or screen resolution, UI issues are more specific to device size or screen resolution rather than on the OS; tips such as different devices with same screen size and OS version give identical results, devices with different screen size and identical OS version give different results
  3. More focus on test automation expedites the test effort of the core repeating scenarios freeing up the testers time for more critical and creative exploratory testing.

It is becoming an increasing requirement for testers to formulate creatively on what their focus areas of test need to be, how best to achieve them, understand the dynamics that drive the app implementation, quality and market, especially in the mobile scenario – a holistic understanding of these parameters go a long way in determining the right mobile quality coverage and outcomes

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