What relevance does “Women’s Day” have for a Software Tester?

I got a message from an acquaintance of mine, yesterday, on the International Women’s Day, March 8th. The message read: “Being a software tester is all about being a woman – creative, patient, empathetic and understanding! Happy Women’s Day!”

I found this to be quite a creative message which got me thinking more along these lines. Firstly, there is still ambiguity whether an international tester’s day exists. Some call September 9th as the World Tester’s Day, but there is no official declaration that calls it as such. The day has been traced back to the first time ever that a bug was officially registered. Anyways, coming to the case in point, the points that the writer made in his statement above are very representative of both testers and of women. I thought one more adjective would have made it very representative of both groups of people – “powerful”. Women are inherently a very powerful group and it is welcoming to see the society recognize this attribute to empower them play a more leading role in whatever spheres of influence they belong to. This year’s women’s day has been themed around “Inspiring change” to encourage women to inspire change in whatever they do and whatever role they play. I thought this is very apt for where testers currently are, in their role evolution too. They are in a very powerful position to empower the rest of the team understand and embrace quality in their efforts and in the product they are building. While it is important for the group surrounding the subject (be it women or testers) to recognize the power they exuberate and support them in doing so, the core responsibility first lies directly with the subject. The woman or the tester in our case, needs to understand that they are powerful and have the confidence to inspire change in the environment they work in. Once they show case such positive changes, the group will automatically follow them – these need not be huge changes overnight – starting off small and steady, the changes will soon start positively manifesting in varied disciplines and ways. And if you so happen to be an intersection group that fits in both the categories of a woman and a tester – there’s no stopping YOU. March on to be that creative, patient, empathetic, understanding and POWERFUL woman tester to make the difference in your team, product, society and amongst your end users.

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