What makes Salesforce Development a Safe Bet for businesses?

Why Salesforce Development is a Safe Bet for your businesses

For a business to be successful, its processes need to be streamlined. Thus CRM solutions, today, form an integral part of almost all business organizations. The utility of this smart cloud-computing technologically advanced business solution is such that organizational employees get smart access to business processes irrespective of their location. Thus the implementation of CRM solutions is practically and economically an extremely viable proposition.

Of all the CRM solutions available, Salesforce CRM has proven to yield the best results for business organizations. Salesforce development services are thus in great demand despite Salesforce CRM being  an expensive solution.

This demand arises because the benefits and advantages of the Salesforce CRM make its development a safe bet. Some of the important benefits that make Salesforce Development such a buzzing trend today are:

User-friendly Interface

While this app development includes technicalities like Visualforce, Apex etc., it can be easily used by both technical and non-technical people. Its user-friendly interface enables users to navigate easily throughout the app using its drag and drop and point-clicking facilities. Thus logging in, exploring and using the customized services that it offers is quite an easy exercise. With businesses consisting of people with varied professional qualifications, Salesforce CRM is popularly preferred.

Customer Performance Tracking

To stay on the top, businesses need to know what their competitors are doing. Features included in the Salesforce CRM enable effective tracking of competitor offerings by way of discounts and services etc., and also keep a tab on their performance. Thus Salesforce development services enable businesses to be better prepared to answer customer questions and come up with an effective plan to ensure their retention.

Business Forecast Performance Tracking

With Salesforce CRM, past performance tracking becomes quite easy. This helps businesses understand:

  • The market response to the current scenario and
  • Where and how they are currently positioned.

This understanding is crucial for planning future strategies and ensuring sustainable growth of the company profits.

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Salesforce also has a feature appropriately known as the “Salesforce Einstein”, developed after its integration with AI. This efficiently enables businesses to

  • Predict and forecast performance,
  • Analyze and estimate important derivatives like marketing statistics etc. and
  • Formulate predictive reports on company positioning in the market, its development track etc.   

Facilitates Strategic Development of Sales and Marketing

Salesforce development services promise spectacular features for each of the different business verticals. Features like the Marketing Cloud and the Sales Cloud are of immense use to the sales and marketing people. Using them they can easily develop:

  • Calendars,
  • Customized reports,
  • Dashboards,
  • Email features etc.

This helps them improvise their sales and marketing strategies thereby improving their performance and enabling them to:

  • Capitalize on available opportunities,
  • Enable lead conversions,
  • Crack deals,
  • Facilitate customer growth,
  • Outperform sales targets easily and
  • Enhance revenue generation.

Enhanced Communication and Collaboration

The Salesforce CRM comes equipped with an exhaustive cloud service. Coupled with this other features like the ‘Chatter’ feature facilitate better collaboration within the organization and even outside it. Thus organizations using Salesforce development services have employees who are better updated about the workings of their organization and are also able to ensure superlative customer relations by dealing effectively and efficiently with their requests, queries, demands, transaction status, deliveries, feedback etc.

Enables App Development

This app can design business-specific mobile and web apps. It plays a major role in its designing and development so that a variety of business activities can be easily carried out using them. These creative Salesforce development services help the business improve on its parameters, standards and values thereby boosting its reputation in the market.

Another feature known as the “AppExchange” present within the Salesforce CRM enables businesses to sell and purchase applications. Thus Salesforce is a force to reckon with where CRM solutions are concerned since it has now become the one-stop-shop for all business needs.

Mobile Business Development

Smartphones play a significant role in the success of a business. The Salesforce app is also mobile optimized. Thus employees can process their activities even through their mobiles. They can also stay updated on sales and leads that are currently trending, real-time business news, views, strategies and decisions etc. This mobile optimization, thus, enables employees of an organization to stay updated irrespective of their location and enables them to capitalize on available sales opportunities better.

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Facilitates Better Integrations

Different businesses use different platforms, services etc. Salesforce CRM APIs along with their development services can integrate these different platforms and services better. This increases their utility making them almost indispensable for businesses that want to grow and stay profitable.

Other features like easy accessibility, scalability, enhanced security, lesser implementation period etc., ensure better management of daily business operations. By streamlining business operations using Salesforce development services all businesses can expand their reach thereby ensuring better ROI in the process. Thus Salesforce Development is certainly a safe bet for businesses.


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