Motivational Coach and Speaker, Sister BK Shivani Takes a Session on “Wellness and Healing” at QA InfoTech

Wellness & healing session by Sister BK Shivani

Prolonged lockdown due to COVID-19 has taken a toll on our mental wellbeing. It’s now over a year that we are locked up in our homes and only heading out for essential requirements. To help its employees stay sane and healthy in such troubled times, QA InfoTech organized a “Wellness and Healing” session with Sister BK Shivani on 9 June 2021.

In the virtual session that went for over an hour, Sister Shivani explained the “mantra” of looking after one’s emotional and mental health. She talked extensively about Psychosomatic disorders related to the interaction of mind and body. The term is used where a physical disease gets worse due to mental factors. She advised to stay positive and not overthink things that are not in your control.

Your current emotional state always influences your physical health condition at any point in time. She stressed the idea of consuming a healthy emotional diet to enhance the quality of life. It means be careful about what you read, listen to, or watch. You should not absorb toxic information. Consuming the right and positive information will empower you to get the right thoughts in every situation. It is also crucial to exercise your mind through regular meditation. And most importantly, you should get proper sleep by going to bed early. A combination of above-mentioned points can help you develop inner resilience and beat stress in regular day-to-day life.

In her one-hour-long session, Sister BK Shivani also advised avoiding making anger and worry a part of your normal emotions. “We should stop calling negative emotions including jealousy, anger, fear, anxiety, and more as normal.” Uncomfortable emotions can’t be normal.

She also stressed the fact that mental health should become a priority for ourselves, friends, and family. We should be empathetic towards each other’s mental health and state of mind – especially at work.

The session was concluded by QA InfoTech founder Mr. Mukesh Sharma with a note of thanks. He himself has been a vocal advocate of mental health and emotional wellbeing. As a result, several best practices are embedded in QA InfoTech’s work culture to help employees stay motivated and positive in their professional life.

The session was moderated by Rajini Padmanaban, Sr. Vice President, Global Testing Services and Client Engagement.

About Sister BK Shivani

Sister BK Shivani is one of the renowned teachers at the Brahma Kumaris spiritual movement of India. She speaks on various topics including stress-free lifestyle, leadership, harmonizing relationships, self-empowerment, and Raj Yoga meditation technique. She takes seminars, workshops, and TV programs to inspire professionals, housewives, students, and the youth globally by shaping their attitude towards spirituality and the art of living.


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