Weigh your performance with load testing

If Mirabai Chanu, the gold medalist in Commonwealth Games 2018, can surpass all bounds in breaking the record of weightlifting under the 48 kgs category, your application can surely “lift the weight” of a million users from all across the globe. With a concentrated effort of conducting effective load testing, realizing this milestone becomes extremely easy.

Load and Performance Testing

Organizations have historically been more focused on the functional attributes of an application, thus, turning a blind eye towards the non-functional areas such as performance, security or accessibility. However, these are the key areas of deliberate consideration during QA. With a bunch of commercial and open-source tools like HP LoadRunner, Silk Performer or JMeter, conducting and maintaining the test scenarios becomes highly lucrative. A coherent set of tests including benchmark testing, stress/spike testing, scalability testing, etc., lay the ground for strategically evaluating and measuring the user-load to test the limits and performance of an application. Performance parameters such as throughput, storage, memory, etc., then become the key to map how varying scales of users affect these areas by identifying the pain points with the load. And finding these pain points early in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), becomes much more efficacious than struggling at the end to revamp the code configuration itself. Agile processes have seeped into an organization’s framework as a whole. Leveraging performance testing by being agile since the inception of a software product would not just deliver impeccable quality but would eliminate load, or more so, performance bottlenecks with every sprint or iteration. Just how six records were broken by Chanu with six lifts, with each increase in the user load of an application, one gets to know its limit.

Integrating performance engineering with cloud is another area in focus by leveraging load testing to check the scalability and elasticity of an application. Weighing performance, especially in cloud, requires a tremendous effort from the end of the QA team with a considerate look out for security, reliability or latency issues that may hamper users’ experience. Thus, organizations should focus on such non-functional areas as well, to maximize coverage and provide an end-to-end impeccable software product.

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