Webinar on “Automated Layout Testing for Responsive Web Design”

When: Feb 18th, 2015, 8 to 9 am PST
Where: Register here
Who: Ramandeep Singh and Prashant Shukla, QA InfoTech Test Automation Group

With the enormous growth in mobile computing in recent times, as testers we all understand the need for compatibility testing. We also understand optimizing compatibility test efforts is important, given the constraints we operate within. However, what is missing is that compatibility testing still largely focuses on evaluating the functional elements of the application rather than the layout elements. How well laid out is my application on the varied combinations it renders on, am I able to cover for these fully within the time and cost constraints I operate within, am I still evaluating these manually, what out of box solutions are available today to help me with these, largely remain open questions to address.

With the growth in “Responsive Web Design” the browser is handling a lot of the front end application processing, layouts are becoming increasingly imperative to ensure a smooth user experience, and the tools available in the market such as Galen are primarily focused on static page evaluations. If so, why don’t we as testers look at innovating in the space of automated layout testing? This webinar focuses on showcasing such a custom framework that we have built at QA InfoTech to automate layout tests. Join Ramandeep, our head of Test Automation and Prashant Shukla, Manager and Test Automation Architect as they speak about and demonstrate this automation framework to gear you up for testing in the world of responsive web design.

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