Webinar – A Practical Solution to Smart Devices Application Test Automation

QA InfoTech recently hosted a webinar on “A Practical Solution to Smart Devices Application Test Automation“. Here’s an overview of the webinar along with a video on-demand from the session.
We have all been witnessing revolutionary changes in the information technology world positively impacting our day to day lives – thanks to the advancements in mobile computing. Mobile applications play a very significant role in driving this impact. While developers are building on their technical skills to accommodate these evolving trends, equally important is for the test team to understand what it takes to test mobile applications. This opens up a huge set of questions including:

  • 1. What is the scope of smart devices and applications to be included in the testing efforts as of today?
  • 2. Is test automation even feasible on smart devices?
  • 3. What are the challenges involved in such automation and what are effective solutions to adopt given the short time window the team operates in?
  • 4. What are the various kinds of applications (e.g. native, web, hybrid) to be factored in and how does the automation strategy change with each of them?
  • 5. What tools ably support in the test process, at this time?

QA InfoTech invites you to join our CTO Kunal Chauhan and our Head of Test Automation, Ramandeep Singh as they walk us through each of these pressing questions along with live demonstrations showcasing test automation undertaken for various
application types. Take back actionable learnings, from this webinar, to implement in your group and ride the mobile application test automation wave smoothly and successfully.

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