Wearables Application Testing Services

Wearables Application Testing Services

Wearables App Testing Services: Overview

Wearables is an up and coming market. Success of a wearable is dependent on its distinguishing functionality, reliable experience, non-intrusive presence, secure operations and seamless coexistence with other computing technologies. QA InfoTech offers thorough quality checks on these varied parameters ensuring the apps work flawlessly and are ready for real world consumption whether they are internet enabled watches, fitness trackers, smart glasses etc. The key here is that while wearables are of great value, they don’t mean much stand-alone.

The experience is a cohesive one integrated with other devices, mobile experiences, recommendation engines etc. Given our integrated software quality experience across domains, technologies, tools and more importantly connecting these with the offerings in mobile platforms, wearable apps and devices, you can be rest assured that you have a test vendor who understands and will verify your app’s fit within the entire ecosystem. In addition, our experts will take on wearable application testing across various scenarios and conditions to offer a smooth experience to your customer, as today success is quantified more by conformance to end user expectations rather than system requirements.

Our niche offerings especially in areas such as wearable design, performance, accessibility, security are well received by our clients as we are also able to bring in realistic testing scenarios with a crowd of global testers, and not limiting ourselves just to the internal QA InfoTech team. A scientific approach to wearables app testing with a test strategy that focuses on automated scenarios and an artistic approach in seeking feedback of end users, together helps us stand out in this new area which has a very promising future.

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