Virtual box is a virtualization software package from Oracle Corporation. VirtualBox acts like a different or separate computer within one’s existing computer.

One can install just about any operating system on it. This application allows any additional guest OS to run and load. If you install windows on it, you can use it to run any application for that version of windows. Linux, Windows XP, Windows 7, Solaris, Windows 8,Mac OS X and open Solaris are supported host Operating systems.

Under a single host operating-system (host OS), one can load multiple Oss. Every host can be started, stopped and paused independently. Using this desktop virtualization software, multiple OSs can be run on your computer.

Configuring a virtual machine is very simple and similar to assembling a computer with memory, processor etc. Guest VMs can also directly communicate with each other if configured to do so. It is basically to use the unused resources on a physical system /computer to run multiple Operating Systems in it.


  • Without restarting the single computer, multiple Operating system are available at a time.
  • Old legacy can be run on your latest computer.
  • Totally isolated environment from host OS.


  • It has a low transfer rate to and from USB2 devices.
  • It does not give support to USB3.
  • VirtualBox is an open source but certain features are under commercial license.


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