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Independent Software Testing Company

The dilemma of choosing between in-house testing or outsourcing it to independent software testing services companies still exists. Although in-house testing has its own pros but the unparalleled efficiencies that independent testing companies bring to the table, make them the go-to place for organizations to avail software testing services from.

As digital transformation gains momentum, the need of banking upon independent software testing companies and their value proposition has been growing simultaneously.

Herein, two scenarios present themselves- the first, when a company develops a product in-house and decides to outsource testing to an external agency, and the second, when a company outsources the development to an external company and the testing to a third company.

This becomes an ideal situation wherein the need to separate development and testing efforts point to the fact that conducting software testing in silos has greater benefits.

Why Choose an Independent Software Testing Company?

The fundamental question then posed is, what are these benefits that present themselves by availing independent software testing services? When a product company can do both, i.e., development and testing, as an in-house effort by saving costs and resources, why outsource one’s testing needs to an independent testing vendor? The benefits speak for themselves as the answers on the need to choose independent testing company-

1. You Aren’t Your Best Critic

It isn’t wrong to say that you might not be your best critic, since being a little biased comes attached when it’s your brainchild. In the realm of software testing, going in for an independent vendor helps remove that bias and the core pain points are resolved exhaustively without any manipulation.

More often than not, one omits or turns a blind eye towards any gaps that may exist within the product. The consequence of this leads to an enormous amount of time spent in remediations for the bugs that are missed with your own product. An independent testing company would help in this case as a third party testing a product from scratch; which it doesn’t have any prior knowledge of.

This does not mean to say, they will work in a completely siloed manner. The tight coupling in the Agile environment is totally doable, yet retaining the independent flavor in ensuring quality is unbiased.

2. Impartial Reporting

This is a common ethical issue which arises when development and testing are conducted as in-house activities.

To cite a quintessential example for this- if a company develops an application and conducts software testing within the firm, it would have minimal alterations, as mentioned above, and subjective reviews since the developers and testers would proceed with an aligned mindset- neglecting the areas which need refurbishing and the right bugs that need to be reported.

Thus, for no collusion to take place, it becomes imperative to have an independent testing firm in the picture for impartially reporting and fixing bugs.

3. Comprehensive Test Coverage

With an independent vendor for software testing which helps in an unbiased reporting as well, a comprehensive test coverage becomes an aligned benefit. For performing end-to-end testing, an external vendor would help identify all the nitty gritties of the product.

And if this effort takes place early-on, by shifting left, the results’ comprehensiveness would be more effective through automated frameworks and the streamlined CI/CD processes resulting in faster iterations. With specific and coherent requirements and priorities, an exhaustive test coverage becomes doable.

Thus, independent software testing services would surely add value to organizations- even greater than in-house testing processes.

4. Specialized skill set in software testing

With an independent software testing company, a major benefit is the specialized skill set possessed by testers. A company which chooses to go for in-house testing might get suboptimal results considering that their specialization lies in their primary product and not software testing.

The nuanced skill set of independent testing companies can go a long way in helping product companies receive reliable and effective results. This would in turn help in minimizing wastage of resources and time taken to market, because with specialized vendors, the focus is on all things testing.

From continuous innovations and upgrades to be at par with the industry, to unerring knowledge transfers due to the niche skill set, independent software testing companies have an edge than in-house testing.

5. Faster Time-to-Market

As mentioned above, with the help of a specialized skill set, the time to market reduces by going in for independent testing vendors.

This also becomes possible due to speedier processes and frameworks which come into the picture with a specific set of testers and domain experts for identifying bugs and fallacies early-on. Remediations for the same also become easier as these bugs are accurately lodged and impartially reported.

6. On-shore and Off-shore Presence

A key benefit with independent software testing companies is that they don’t just work in silos for software testing requirements but also deploy engineers on-site to work with the product companies directly in their testing efforts as per the said requirements and needs.

This gives a better vantage point to testers in terms of analyzing the whole product vis-à-vis the testing requirements and to the product companies to have parallel efforts in terms of development and testing in-house but with external testers.

7. Economical

This might come as a surprise to anyone thinking that an in-house testing mechanism would be more economical than outsourcing it to an external vendor- breaking news- it isn’t. This is essentially due to the fact that an in-house testing effort could go awry because of all the aforementioned reasons.

The company would thus incur added expenses and costs in terms of rectifying the errors than the initial aim of frugal expenditure with in-house testing. Although liaising with an independent vendor might seem heftier in terms of the added expenditure but it’s worth their weight in gold.

Also, with in-house testing, the probability of erratic ramping-up and ramping-down increases. This would in turn, increase the onboarding costs that can be saved if one goes in for independent vendors wherein you just pay for what you use. Thus, availing independent software testing services would rather be an economical investment than an added expense.

These benefits, thus, speak volumes for choosing an independent software testing company over in-house software testing.

While it isn’t an exhaustive list of benefits, it sure does elucidate the growing need for independent vendors of software testing- especially with the ongoing digital transformation, wherein products need to demonstrate their competence and efficiency for being users’ top choice. 

In this age, remaining at par with the industry can only be possible if a product is wholesome, including its quality. And for ensuring exemplary quality, end-to-end testing becomes an important facet of the whole process- which can be effectively executed with the expertise that independent software testing companies possess.

Isn’t this a complete cycle in itself? Thus, by understanding such a value proposition of independent testing companies vis-à-vis in-house testing, the dilemma of choosing between the two can be effectively put to rest.

With the above in place, it is also important to understand the other side of the coin. There is often a common belief in the industry that independent software testing does not bring in value from a deep product understanding unlike that of an in-house team. This myth has undergone a tremendous shift in the last decade.

It is indeed possible for independent software testers to also be quality enablers in closely working with developers and designers, shifting left from the get go. It is absolutely important for them to play an active role in the CI/CD pipeline enabling continuous testing from both a functional and non-functional perspectives.

These will go a long way in helping the industry further understand the benefits of independent testing, without being blind folded that the focus is just at a UI level and rather non technical in nature. We need to lead by example here to bust any myths that “Independent software testing is dead”.

QA InfoTech, a quintessential company offering independent software testing services, possesses years of expertise in an array of services as well as varied verticals, thus helping product companies in their testing needs.

Our offerings help in effectively reducing added efforts at a later stage with our expertise in shifting left as well as delivering a comprehensive product to end users by shifting right- thus, making us a pioneer in software testing with our balanced approach.

We work in close collaboration with our clients by adding value to their products for a seamless user-experience. As an independent software testing entity, we put quality and your testing requirements first. Get in touch with us to know more about our offerings.

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