User Experience in the World of E-learning app development

E-learning App Development is unique in its own way – while it imbibes traditional app development practices, one standout element herein is user experience – and the user base is often very large and diverse – it could be a kinder garden kid, it could be the top exec of a large organization. There’s no bound to scoping the profile of end users that leverage e-learning apps, making user experience the key to the app success.

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I once remember asking an interviewee how she would go about testing a learning app. She had a nice response that intuitiveness is the key – unlike say a financial app that busy traders use which could have all the features crowded on a single page, a learning app has to be de-cluttered – it has to focus on simplicity, readability, learnability regardless of the age, demographics and other profile features of the learner. This is quite true. And while the designer and the tester pay a closer attention to user experience of the learning apps, the developer has to equally pay attention too – while for a large part he is relying on the user experience focused design that is handed to him, at every stage in the e-learning app development, user experience is one that the developer has to continue to focus on – additionally, an e-learning development effort has a unique trait – a trait where user experience as a single powerful attribute embraces several other non-functional attributes including performance, accessibility, security, along with core functionality too. So, if the developer along with the rest of the product team is trained to embrace user experience, the other attributes automatically flow in – such is the power of UX in the world of e-learning app development.

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