Understandable growth in linguistic engineering

Software consumption is global today – even in developing nations such as India, the demand and supply for newer digital solutions that solve not just everyday problems but offer creative value adds, are at an all-time high. Studies show that by 2020, 50 billion devices globally will consume digital solutions and by 2022, almost everyone under the age 25 will be digitally savvy. Obviously to meet these numbers, not all digital content can be in English.

Linguistic Testing Services

Globalization is a huge market in which localization, linguistic and translation engineering are all going to play even more important roles. As specialists in software testing and infact specialists in linguistic testing services and translation services for several leading ISVs and startups, we are already seeing the potential this market holds as well as the challenges it entails. For example, just in the last year, post demonetization, the market for digital applications across varied Indian locales has surged through the roof, making Indic language testing a need of the hour. At the same time, this is an area that is easier said than done, given the complexities and nuances of the varied Indian dialects, cultural nuances and linguistic testing service elements that one cannot purely rely on just translation engines. If this is true for just one country, one can imagine the complexity it would entail across global geographies – it is important to be cognizant of the potential in this space, along with the challenges to arrive at a balanced linguistic testing services strategy, that embraces end users as well, as if you don’t, someone else will – such is the market for this industry today and this will only rise in the coming years.

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