Top 10 UI Trends for 2021

top UI/UX design trends of 2021

Online customers have become tech-savvy. They browse a lot of applications on a regular basis and go through multiple designs and themes. It has become a lot more difficult to surprise and intrigue them. Modern businesses need to go the extra mile to grab the attention of their customers.

UX designers need to focus on both the usability and visual appeal of web applications to ensure users engage more. Also, you need to follow the latest UI trends to keep innovating and delighting your customers.

Let us check out the top UI/UX design trends of 2021.

  1. Minimalism

Minimalism has become a popular UI element. To avoid overwhelming users with multiple ads, notifications, and more, web designers are using simpler graphic elements. It includes limiting the number of colors, using different proportions, and compositions.

Elements’ functionality plays a crucial role in highlighting the qualities of a product. It helps in properly conveying the right message to the customer. Components used for decorative purposes have become increasingly irrelevant.

  1. Immersive 3D visuals

The immersive 3D design has seen major strides in the past few years. However, it is still not user-friendly. The more complex 3D design gets, the more process power it sucks up from the user’s machine.

However, 3D elements will gain more popularity in 2021 due to the greater demand for VR and AR technologies. For instance, in the latest macOS Big Sur update, multiple icons were changed due to the addition of 3D graphics to them.

  1. Simplified UX

Complicated interfaces that force users to take extra actions can decrease the engagement of your application. Simpler registration and sign-in have become one of the most popular UX trends. Try using minimal elements and fields for customers to fill out.

For instance, to log in to an account, the user can use a personal phone number instead of remembering the password. Apple has made a custom button to avoid extra registration steps. You can simply click on the button to choose whether you want the website to access your email or not. It just takes a simple click.

  1. Unique and Absurd 2D Illustrations

Illustrations have always stayed on top of the user interface trends. However, over time, they have become less generic. Earlier, designers used to leverage minimalistic illustrations to ensure lesser overloaded and more user-friendly web pages.

Now designers experiment with unusual proportions, angles, and storylines. Bright and muted pastel colors are trending right now. Illustrations have gotten fancier and are creating a bigger stir than before.

It is advisable to use SVG format for illustrations. The quality of GIF, PNG, and JPEG image formats gets worse with increased resolution.  However, this is not the case with SVG, because you can increase or decrease the vector format without compromising on image quality.

  1. Voice User Interface (VUI)

The interactive voice user interface is one of the latest UX trends. It is now a widely accepted element in UX/UI design. And the design doesn’t have to be visually stunning to work fine.

VUI is an internal interface. It is more dependent on data synthesis and context instead of the actual design. Voice user interface also makes the app more accessible for differently-abled users.

Translation apps are enabling users to translate words or sentences in any language in real-time. You just click on the button and the app starts recording the voice and translates your speed in real-time. An efficient way to communicate with people who do not speak or read your language.

  1. Blurred, Colorful Background

Different gradient styles were a popular trend in the past and still relevant in many apps. However, gradients have now become lighter and look more complex. Earlier, designers used around 2-3 colors in linear gradient but now that has increased by up to 10. Additionally, you can also use overlay. 

These gradients are colorful and create a temperamental outburst. This is the reason that leading apps are leveraging it for a stimulating user experience.

  1. Pastel Colors

Designers are using pastel colors to complement minimal and simple web designs. It helps in highlighting the unobtrusiveness and lightness of design. These colors easily fit into multiple concepts beautifully. It helps in setting up the right atmosphere and tone for different web apps including SaaS applications and eCommerce platforms.

  1. Icons

Icons help in communicating visually with customers. Simple and minimalistic icons are known as a power UX element to deliver the message in the least possible words.

This is why businesses now put greater emphasis on icons. Big corporations like Sketch and Apple took the lead in 2020 by following the latest user experience trends. They completely redesigned their system icons.

It is recommended to select the icon from the same family. They should also have the same dimension and size. This consistency will help in creating a more mature design and would subsequently enhance the integrity of your website.

  1. Mobile-First Approach

Now, over half of the search engine traffic comes from mobile devices. People are using their smartphones to search for everything. Hence, it has become business-critical for businesses to have mobile-friendly websites.

The web design should look equally good on mobile devices like it looks on the desktop. This is why the mobile-first approach has become an important UX trend. It is a good way to enhance customer interaction online.

As a result, businesses are also leveraging PWA (Progressive Web Apps) to convert websites into cross-platform apps. It enables the user to download the web app on the home screen and use it in offline mode as well.

  1. Complex Typography

The right font for an application, product, or website can make a big difference. Users often associate the application with its font. Instead of reading, internet users often just scan the content to find the relevant information. Hence, it has become crucial to use the right fonts at the right place.

Web designers need to use complex typography to highlight important information for the user. Websites built on typography also look fresh and entertaining. Fonts are also an essential element of design for a web solution.

In Summary

Delivering flawless customer experience on digital channels has become one of the top priorities of businesses. It can’t be done with a modern and foolproof user interface. Above mentioned top 10 UI trends for 2021 can help you design stunning apps efficiently.

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