Tips to Build a Career in Crowd Testing

Crowd testing has gained significant prominence in recent years not just as an effective technique to get diverse feedback for a product’s quality, but also for testers to benefit from a range of career options in the marketplace. Whether it is for someone who is new to testing, or someone who has been on a break and wants to get back to testing, or someone who has an ongoing career and needs some diversity with a second job, crowd testing is a great option to latch on to. The flexibility it provides in terms of pay, time put in, location of work etc. along with the diverse test options it brings in to test a range of applications and products have all made it very lucrative amongst the testing community. So, as one builds a career in crowd testing, which is often seen as an emerging second career, what are some sanity checks to keep in mind to make the most of it? Here’s a list which is a good one to refer to although not necessarily exhaustive:

1. Pick the right products, places to register for crowd testing – this should either be one that you are passionate about or gives you the flexibility and growth options you are looking for as you provide your testing expertise. For example, for those that are interested in checking out, we have a portal that we have built to help crowd testers connect with a range of crowd testing activities

2. Have the right expectations set – don’t assume crowd testing assignments would be readily available all the time for you to pick and choose from. While the options are plentiful, you will also need to plan in advance, register at multiple crowd testing platforms, and do your homework before you choose the right one that aligns with your needs

3. Don’t come in with a pure mind-set of making money – sometimes the initial crowd testing assignments are more towards building your trust and reputation with the organization that is looking for crowd testers. Show your true passion before you look at the engagement from a monetary standpoint. And as you show passion, show commitment and be prepared to work hard (remember that for most of us this a second job and can easily get overwhelming) to prove your worthiness as a crowd tester

4. Revisit your skills – Even an old skill of yours can come in handy in crowd testing. For example, a language that you were conversant with a couple of years ago, might give you a chance to crowd test a certain application. So, jog your memory to recall such skills, update your resume as well as refresh your proficiency for it. While revisiting skills, revisit your devices too. You may have an old Nook, Xbox or another device that you can bring to the testing space, which can be very valuable to evaluate the product on

5. Don’t jump on your options, too often – one major advantage of crowd testing is the flexibility it provides – where you can choose what product you want to test, switch whenever you want, look for other options etc. While this is great and does not tie you down to a specific activity, switching too often brings down your overall efficiency too. You may not be able to give due justice to it and would end up randomizing yourself through the process too

6. Participate in community crowd testing discussions – what better way to learn more about something that you are engaged in, than directly talking to others who are involved in a similar exercise. Whether this means targeting crowd testing conferences, reading articles, participating in discussion forums, following specific groups on social networks etc., they give you the required ammunition to strengthen your career in crowd testing, and make you more convinced and confident of your choice

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