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As a first post in our brand new corporate blog we thought it is most appropriate to answer the one question that we are asked the most. Why do you exist? It does not end there, a whole bunch follows. Isn’t Software supposed to be churned out from a single place? Don’t the development companies have their own QA divisions? Do you need a complete separate entity doing the testing of Software?

These questions take us to the very reason why QA InfoTech was founded. Back in 2003, our founders, having worked in the area of software testing and quality assurance for many years, felt the need for an organization that could do independent and unbiased evaluation of software products and services. Their reasoning was based on their observation that there is always a conflict of interest with QA and development both operating out of a single organizational hierarchy. And more often than not, QA is the one that takes a hit.

Imagine if I were a cook, making food for my guests, would I go to them and say “I have cooked a great meal for you, but guess what, I forgot to add salt” or “I added sugar to this curry instead of salt”. The case is no different when clients outsource their product development to third party vendors. Often, with shrinking timelines and budgets, vendors tend to overlook the quality of the product being released. The stake holders of the product have no idea of the quality till the product hits the market, where, in all probability, customers report various issues not only resulting in revenue losses in terms of correcting the product and lowered repeat business but also in terms of tarnishing the brand image of companies.

Here is where an independent software testing services provider like ours comes into play. We at our end evaluate products in a completely unbiased manner and give a true picture of the releasability of the product to the stake holders. Not only that but we put ourselves in customers shoes and think of all “What-If” situations that the product will face once it goes into the real world. Working with clients over the past five years we have seen that almost always the designers of a product miss out on certain cases/scenarios/use-case that we end up catching.

Also, with years of working in one specific area and with many different clients comes the benefit of building a knowledge pool so large, so effective that one gains an authoritative status in what one does. Doing large scale load testing, complex functional test automation and very specialized works likeglobalization testing we have developed teams, labs and best practices unmatched in the software testing world. For example, our labs have the capability to test a flash based web application on more than 180 configurations. We can go on and on about the specific details, and the list is long, perhaps another post.

We hope, after this post, people know better the reason that we exist.

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QA InfoTech

QA InfoTech

Established in 2003, with less than five testing experts, QA InfoTech has grown leaps and bounds with three QA Centers of Excellence globally; two of which are located in the hub of IT activity in India, Noida, and the other, our affiliate QA InfoTech Inc Michigan USA. In 2010 and 2011, QA InfoTech has been ranked in the top 100 places to work for in India.

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