The Omnipresence of Mobile and Its Impact on Software Testing

Mobile app testing is hot in the testing industry today, as it has been over the last few years. Despite how fast the technology industry is evolving, the mobile computing space has retained its charm and it only continues to grow. There are ongoing debates if the mobile world will move away from an app specific usage model amongst others – regardless of the open debates with every new technology that enters the market – whether it be VR, AR, AI, wearables, development technologies as well as domains that increasingly go digital (be it health care, BFSI, government that have traditionally been large legacy players), the influence they continue to have by the mobile world is gripping.

Mobile Computing is probably one paradigm evolution in the technology industry that is here to stay – one of the main reasons for this is the scope of what is “mobile”. The desktop obviously has a limited scope of operations constrained by its physical connect to a given location. The laptop shattered this constraint with its portability benefits but to a large extent it is still a computer – (you will see the differences between a computer and mobile listed here). After the ages of desktop and laptop computer, mobile devices really opened up the scope to cover everything else – whether it is a tablet, a smart phone, a wearable device. With the wide range of devices came in a huge user market, user scenarios, coverage across geographies, application across domains, users in B2B and B2C environments – the list goes on.

While such a large presence of mobile devices has created a huge impact on the technology industry, the impact on software testing is particularly huge, covering not just in-lab hands on device and simulator/emulator testing, but also on field testing by testers and end users. While some in the industry still believe that the concept of “apps” will die down soon, the influence mobile has on software testing is far from dwindling – it will certainly stand the test of time creating stronger ties between the product team and end users with testers being a huge bridge / liaison, in driving the impact to a positive closure.


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