The need for performance engineering in the digital age

Gone are the days, when software testing was all about functional checks. The elements of non-functional performance, be it the application’s capability to handle load, withstand vulnerabilities, scale to the end user experience expectations are all rising in importance today. Of these, performance engineering is a core piece in the digital age today. While security is an important area too, the impact of vulnerabilities if any, are not necessarily experienced by end users on a day to day basis. Whereas, performance is an important are where the non-availability of an application, delays in response or load times are seen adversely right away. Simultaneously, the scope of performance engineering has also drastically increased – thanks to mobile computing and the technologies around wearable, IoT computing. The performance engineering scope is not limited to just client – server interactions but to a varied set of scenarios on the client side – end user scenarios across devices, networks, integration points are all manifold. The world of cloud has certainly enabled performance engineering to become so much easier especially with the infrastructure piece, for developers, deployment engineers and testers. Similarly several tools especially open source tools have made performance testing possible across the landscape including mobile devices.


Performance testing

In essence, product teams have certainly bought into the fact that performance engineering is inevitable – the engineering landscape has on one hand become more complex, but on the other hand the facilitation with the help of cloud and tools have made performance engineering a lot more feasible, accurate and reliable.

A product engineered right, from the performance angle certainly adds to the positive stickiness amongst users – or rather a better way to interpret this would be a product not engineered right for performance, definitely builds adverse experiences right away and the same goes viral, thanks to social media today – for example, during peak sale times, e-commerce providers are often on the hot seat for performance scenarios that have not gone well – all of which call out not just the “need” for ongoing performance engineering but the “mandatory need” for ongoing performance engineering in today’s digital age.

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