Testing serverless applications

What next in the world of technology? Things continue to change so rapidly and looking at what has been big, this has been the year of serverless development. While it was primarily AWS that started this trend, other giants including Microsoft and Oracle are catching up well.

QA and Testing

At a very simplistic level, in the path to ongoing continuous delivery, serverless development supports building very light weight applications focusing on triggers to events and a whole bunch of integrated functionality. So, the application itself becomes very lightweight but has a hoard of assertions to be validated. This makes module based testing or more importantly unit testing more important than ever before, creating a strong need for test containerization. A lot of integration testing also becomes important. This is also where a lot of re-use is becoming possible, thanks to open test code that is available from varied sources including places like the GitHub repertoire. As more serverless development takes shape, several test teams have also been placing emphasis on test driven development. Regardless of which approach you take, the core is to keep the test suite and test effort light and nimble to align with the lightness of the app under development. This is important to reduce test maintenance efforts, quickly port them as required and also take in external tests to strengthen the integration test effort.

Such light weight tests are tough to build a strategy around, especially when the tester is trying to focus on not just the functional elements but also non-functional elements. However, this is where combinatorial tests are rising in popularity, where the same functional scripts can be used for non-functional test areas as well, with tweaks to the test framework. As new and smart technology is developed, while developers work on embracing them, testers have to work equally hard if not more in outwitting to maintain a lightweight yet robust test strategy and engineering, and it is heartening to see the industry receive all of this well, in its way forward for the testing discipline. To this effect we also recently hosted a webinar on test automation trends for 2017 and beyond which you will see in our webinars section of our website.

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