Star East 2013 Testing Conference – A Quick Review

The relevance and usefulness of conferences have always been in question – are there mainly going to be theoretical sessions with no actionable outcomes or is it going to be really valuable to spend the time and money to build representation in the forms of speakers, attendees, booths that are setup etc. especially since there are now virtual sessions where people can attend trainings from their own offices. I have been attending the Star Conferences for the last 2 years now and every conference has been an enriching experience in its own right be it the speakers, overall breadth and depth of topics and content, the way the logistics are planned and arranged for etc. I recently was at the Star East 2013 conference and presented a tutorial on “Implementing Crowd Testing” which had a very engaging and enthusiastic audience. From the range of topics that were presented at the conference here are my quick take-aways on areas that continue to be of interest to the testing community.
Test Automation – this has its fair share of interest, as always. This includes automation in an agile world, automation for large scale projects, skills for automated testers, managing automated test efforts etc.
Metrics – Bringing objectivity into the software testing effort again continues to be an area of continued interest including what is going to be relevant to measure, what not to measure in these current changing times
A few other core topics of ongoing interest were in areas such as: performance testing, security testing, regression testing, cloud based testing (interestingly I found fewer topics on this, this year)
Mobile Testing is definitely what I would call as the number one area of focus this year. There was so much interest in anything do to with mobile testing covering a range of topics such as: Mobile Testing Methodologies – Trends, Successes, Pitfalls, Mobile Applications Testing, Build your Mobile Testing Knowledge, Android Mobile Testing – Right before your Eyes, Introducing Mobile Testing to your Organization, Mobile Testing Tools 101
Another area of keen interest was around Crowd Sourced Testing given its potential as a great supplement to the core test techniques and its fast turnaround, cost effectiveness and overall delivery flexibility.
Stay tuned for more detailed blog posts on each of these areas in the coming months, based on what I learnt at the conference. Until then, happy testing!

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