Sky is the limit with the cloud floating around

The “cloud” has been looming over us for a long time now and the future seems up and coming with the current trend and technology of cloud computing. While cloud itself is an extensive space, it has opened doors for the next gen technology to be transformed. Google’s Cloud AutoML to say, is establishing a strong base to enable businesses that lack machine learning expertise improve their offerings by building customized AI models. Pointing out to the endless horizons of cloud computing capabilities, it gives tremendous opportunities to the field of software testing in terms of performance, functional, globalization and compatibility testing. And today, with AI in the picture, the avenues have grown tenfold. Leveraging cloud testing capabilities in order to make the “cloud” the place to go, testers need to take conscious steps in encompassing the whole testing framework.

Cloud Testing

As predicted by Cisco in a 2018 report, 95% of the data centre traffic will be cloud-based by 2021 making this platform a crucial one to test. With such huge incoming data, making cloud based applications fully secure becomes a challenge in itself. Although, cloud still doesn’t provide thorough safety, in today’s era it has become the preferred platform due to its on-demand and elastic environment. Thus, whether it be for IaaS, PaaS or SaaS, choosing the right and major cloud providers definitely becomes the way to go in ensuring a secured platform, keeping in mind whether they follow the set compliances or not. With Big Data streaming in, concerns regarding an application’s performance and load also become a tester’s focus areas, be it in the domain of healthcare, retail, finance, government, etc.

Therefore, the thought process of “pay for what you want” requires a great deal of attention since applications can deliver the desired output only when they undergo a thorough bout of testing for functional as well as non-functional areas. Sky is indeed the limit with the existence of cloud today and the opportunities in the foreseeable future are numerous but to use it judiciously and tactfully on a cloud-platform is what does and will matter.

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