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Retail, being such a vast domain in itself, has a number of branches wherein omni-channel retailing has paved its way seamlessly. This area has become a road less traveled by, by organizations who want to expand, yet have inhibitions about this path. Being a platform for numerous channels of retailing to flow throughout, the future of omni-channel seems promising. But bringing testing into the equation becomes all the more challenging wherein omni-channel software solution providers stand at the crossroads of understanding the right path and decisions to be taken for making a seller’s experience seamless.

Omni Channel Retailing

Providing a centralized platform to sellers and maintaining the same impeccably, in not an easy task. If seen from a testing standpoint, there are a number of areas that need to be taken into consideration, starting from usability, test automation, performance, security to even accessibility. An end-to-end test effort becomes imperative to cover all the nuances. Along with thorough testing, which is a to-do, a major challenge that omni-channel software providers face is in the integration of the whole ecosystem, considering how vast the expanse of omni-channel retailing is. From CRMs, product and inventory management, warehouse management to billings or reports, the task to cover and maintain the whole environment becomes a pickle. For this, having a good grasp on the domain proves to be lucrative while testing the ecosystem as a whole. Especially with omni-channel retailing in question, domain expertise becomes a must in ensuring that such an expanse is thoroughly covered. Omni-channel software solution providers also have to ensure the platform’s flawlessness in order to help sellers have an efficient centralized platform which covers the whole workflow of retailing.

Recently, with one of our clients, we started working on the testing aspect of their omni-channel software solution. With our expertise, we’re not only testing but our SMEs are providing end-to-end business consultancy as well, to cover their whole architecture. Our case study on Omni-channel Retailing Software Providers gives a thorough examination of the same. Thus, with this domain, there still is a lot in store for testers and the providers as well to ensure coherence in the whole ecosystem.

Contributing Author: Niharika Virlley

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