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Since our inception, QA InfoTech, as a company is committed to investing in Research & Development both in the technology and test process space. We strongly believe in the value we can additionally provide you, our clients as well as our employees, through such investments. Our R&D efforts are driven with a mission to solve technical and test problems we face on the ground through our experience and analysis of futuristic trends. We have a dedicated R&D team mentored and co-headed by our CTO and Director of Engineering. Such executive buy-in helps keep the team momentum strong and also helps the entire company embrace the creations of the R&D team, to provide additional test coverage and productivity to our clients. Each project herein is undertaken as a full-fledged development project, in an Agile cycle, with its own QA phase.

Core areas of ongoing R&D include Test Automation, Performance Testing, Agile Test Processes, Test Metrics, Testing on Smart Devices. A few of the frameworks and tools developed by our R&D team are listed below:

Excel based framework for SilkTest

    1. Distributed Intelligent Automation Framework(DIAT)
    2. Selenium + FitNesse based frameworks
    3. Tellurium + FitNesse based frameworks
    4. Data Conversion Tool for semi-automated conversion of scanned PDFs to XML formats
    5. JMeter plug-ins for – SNMP, Reporting, Measuring streaming HTTP
    6. Performance test solution using JMeter + Cloud
    7. Qualitometer – A tool to provide comprehensive test metrics

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In this section, we cover three of our core tools that have proved invaluable in providing objective quality assurance at significantly lower costs to our clients.

Distributed Intelligent Test Automation Framework (DIAT)

Frameworks have long been advocated as a best practice in test automation to promote test maintainability and maximize runs across platforms. Our test automation framework, DIAT, built on open source technologies, has helped us achieve these and a lot more in several of our client projects.  Besides being able to fulfill the core objectives of having a framework driven automation methodology, one of our additional drivers was to bridge the gap between a manual tester and an automation engineer when it comes to creating scripted tests. A tester who understands the system E2E and who brings in the critical end user mindset into the testing phase is herein empowered to take on the automation, thus helping enhance the reliability of test automation code.

Here are DIAT’s salient features, which help our testers delve into test automation with minimum ramp up and deliver high quality, reliable, maintainable test automation:

  • Easy action-based automation with keywords for user actions
  • Excel based inputs, with a library containing action definitions, in the tool’s language
  • Framework based on Selenium, FitNesse, Fitnium and extensible to SilkTest and SmarteSoft
  • Tellurium leveraged to bring in UI modularity which eases automation maintenance even amidst changing UIs
  • Domain specific actions let you write English-like automation scripts
  • Virtualization leveraged to test the product for compatibility on various platforms
  • DIAT can also serve as a platform enabling testers to author tests, run them on various configurations and compile results

JMeter Performance Testing Solution

Given how performance testing can get very expensive with tool license costs, we wanted to leverage open source solutions such as JMeter. Our R&D team has engineered add-ons on top of JMeter to provide a comprehensive performance testing solution that is robust, customizable and still very affordable. Here’s a brief look into our offering:

  • Extended reporting and monitoring capabilities using Jasper and Crystal Reporting APIs
  • SNMP monitoring plug in
  • Cloud based test infrastructure to configure machines on the fly; Virtual Private Cloud used for additional security
  • Solution that accommodates performance testing of heavy audio and video streaming through secure protocols

If you would like to understand these tools in greater detail or see a demo, please write to us at

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QA InfoTech

Established in 2003, with less than five testing experts, QA InfoTech has grown leaps and bounds with three QA Centers of Excellence globally; two of which are located in the hub of IT activity in India, Noida, and the other, our affiliate QA InfoTech Inc Michigan USA. In 2010 and 2011, QA InfoTech has been ranked in the top 100 places to work for in India.

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