Reasons to Go In for React Native App Development

7 Reasons to choose React Native App Development

Isn’t it cumbersome when it comes to developing mobile applications for platforms such as, Android and iOS, separately? What strategy can give your product a better edge in the market? Is there a way to expedite your development process? The answer to all these questions is one and simple – React Native application development services.

Availing this would surely offer seamless benefits for your product. But why is it so and why should one choose React Native for developing a mobile application? Let’s get into the main argument herein.

Understanding React Native App Development

The world, when React Native did not exist, had separate code bases for platforms such as Android and iOS. This thus, required the developers to maintain two different code bases with different UIs and libraries for both the platforms.

But React Native has come in as a breath of fresh air – based on a single code for Android and iOS. Powered by Facebook, React Native – a mobile development framework – helps create native-like applications for cross-platforms using a single code.

All the developers out there can thus bid farewell to their worries of creating separate codes for both the platforms and use the framework for creating coherent and native-akin applications.

Reasons to Adopt React Native

With React Native changing the entire ball-game of mobile app development with a single code base for Android and iOS, the reasons speak for themselves in adopting this framework. To elaborate more on them:

1. Increased Speed of Development

With a single code base, developers do not need to spend added efforts on developing an application on two separate platforms with two separate strategies.

The speed of development increases with the use of the React Native framework – helping in expediting deliverables as well. With the same library, Android and iOS applications can be developed simultaneously and efficiently.

2. Native-Like Application

There are many hybrid application frameworks in the market. Organizations generally opt for such frameworks in order to make their product seamless. But more often than not, such frameworks result in poor performance and a lag in the load-time of the application itself.

This not just makes the users’ lose their interest in the application but for the organization’s competence as a whole. For mitigating this, React Native provides better mobile app development in terms of its niche for native-like app capabilities.

Since the development process is also akin to how native app development takes place for Android and iOS, React Native framework provides an edge to organizations.

3. Reduced Time, Resources and Cost

As aforementioned, React Native app development does not only help in expediting the development process but also in saving time as well as resources. Traditionally, developers needed to have different skill sets for web and mobile development.

But with React Native, any person who has functional knowledge of JavaScript can adapt to this form of development with no one particular skill set. As resources get optimized, so does the cost of development. Going in for React Native app development services reaps greater benefits with minimal expenditure.

4. Consistency in UI

Due to a single code base, a consistency can be easily achieved in the UI for both the platforms. With the same components, the UI looks similar as well.

This also brings in coherency for an application which has the same look and feel on different platforms – helping enhance the goodwill of the product and its functionalities.

5. Increased Efficiency and Seamlessness

Needless to mention how the React Native framework provides efficiency from the get-go – the whole process helps in delivering a seamless user-experience.

Starting from an efficacious process of development to a responsive experience, an application based on React Native brings in the expected level of seamlessness as compared to other applications. 

6. Easy Integration

A key reason to avail React Native app development services, is its integrative abilities. Any third-party plugin can be integrated with React Native seamlessly, using React native app development tools for faster integration. With these plugins, minimal efforts are required for development and an effective collaboration is also achieved. Integration with third-party libraries also becomes seamless – helping achieve efficiency and agility in the development process.

7. Regular Updates

Since React Native is backed by Facebook, one can expect regular updates for the framework – an added reason to adopt React Native app development. This also brings in a level of trust and reliability when it comes using the framework. With constant upgrades, React Native stays at par with the latest in technology of the industry. 

Along with the aforementioned reasons, there exist an array of others as well for adopting the React Native framework – this isn’t an exhaustive list but provides the very crucial reasons for going in for such an app development strategy. Not only does it optimize and expedite the development process, it also helps minimize the efforts involved for developing separate applications for separate platforms with separate codes.

Thus, React Native app development services provide an edge to the realm of mobile development. Moving away from the conventional roadblocks of constant coding, revamping development processes as per the desired platforms, hefty costs incurred on the resources, etc., React Native brings in the competence of mitigating these roadblocks with all but a single code.

With the easy use of JavaScript, any developer with minimal experience of the same, can hop onto the framework. Serving as a one-stop shop for all the problems faced while developing applications for two separate platforms, React Native app development brings in unified processes, symmetrical applications and a seamless user-experience overall.

QA InfoTech, a Qualitest Company, brings in its years of expertise in the domain and offers seamless React Native app development services. The numerous reasons to go in for this framework make QA InfoTech the go-to organization!

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