Quality as a differentiating factor in today’s age of tough competition

I regularly follow GeekWire.com. Today’s set of news feeds were particularly interesting for me with many different threads tying into a common outcome, in my interpretation. There were a bunch of news items about tech competition, tech giants taking over smaller businesses, survival of the fittest, stealth moves by tech giants, teens starting their own businesses and their take on technology giants and trends, amongst others. For example, here are a few that stand out – Microsoft targeting Google and Apple in school “Surface Plus” subscription, Jeff Bezos startup advice, inputs from teen tech entrepreneurs – all of these show up on https://www.geekwire.com/, August 1st/2nd publication. As a person in the quality/test domain, one thing that stood out to me in all of this is Quality.

Quality Assurance & Testing

Quality of work in any effort that is being undertaken is extremely important, as some of these initiatives may be short and quick ones, some may withstand the test of time, competition, user expectations etc. In the drive to stand out and make oneself/one’s organization visible, a lot of new initiatives are taken up on a daily basis. If we closely look at what makes one stand out from another in today’s world of tough competition where technology has really touched on every single domain globally, the key is Quality.

There certainly are several other attributes also that are important to succeed – example, the right ideas for the right market, stakeholder commitment, funding, right talent to take ideas to fruition etc. but amongst all these quality is also a critical one. Quality not just from a software testing angle, but quality in the planning, design, ideation, communication, engineering implementation, customer interaction, amongst others. To that extent quality becomes an important parameter for every individual to imbibe with a simple understanding of what it means – while there are several definitions of quality, one to match this post would be “closeness to a specified need or expectation” – at the core this could even mean the quality of work life balance for your employees. And quality today is collective ownership of teams involved, accomplishable only through open collaboration.

Remembering quality as an important differentiating attribute in the success of any effort, is the first step forward in laying a strong foundation in whatever you do.

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