XLS Aggregate Report

XLS Aggregate Report


QAIT XLS Aggregate Report is the combination of both Summary Report & Aggregate Report listeners having headers that are not present in them individually. Due to this modification we need to add only one listener in the Thread Group that would save lots of memory.

It saves the Aggregate Report in XLS format instead of default CSV format and the reason being that in XLS greater amount of data can be stored & CSV cannot store formatted information which is quite important while creating reports. Moreover, all the graphs are present in the XLS report which were added in the Test Plan.

Terminologies Used:

  • Standard Deviation – Measure the amount of variation in the Sample elapsed time.
  • Average Bytes – Average size of the Sample response in bytes.


This plugin is the enhancement of Ultimate Thread Group which automatically distributes the users and accordingly configures the elements of Test Plan in Jmeter- A load testing tool

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