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What really is thought leadership?

This is a term that applies to all professions and industries alike, globally. It is a right combination of leveraging past experiences, learnings along with trends and patterns in the years to come, to share insights specific to a given area which could be a domain, technology, market etc. It also brings in the right mix of research and development along with the perspectives of the thought leader to benefit users to take in the inputs for ongoing continuous improvements.

So how does this apply to the field of software quality and how have we at QA InfoTech been operating to be QA Thought Leaders?

Firstly, software quality has seen a radical change in the last decade – while all for the good and being the enablers that balance shifting left in technology and right in business and user stakes, there has indeed been a lot of role merging and evolution, specific to testers.

At QA InfoTech, we have enabled several product organizations own quality in their journey to continuous delivery and integration. Herein, our thought leadership is showcased in diligently weaving in quality as a collective responsibility of all engineering and business functions, while providing the right enablement support through automation frameworks, quality processes, consulting engagements, exploratory test efforts with a deep understanding of the business and domain.

Thought Leadership Evangelism:

While the above is more at an operational level we truly believe in thought leadership evangelism, taking our learnings from hands on experiences and R&D, to the industry at large. We are active players in leading conferences and workshops at a global level, right from keynotes to demos and sessions.

These are done both at a cross industry level and for specific customers with customized solutions too. Besides commercial engagements we have also done several CSR initiatives that tie into our thought leadership strategy – these include awareness sessions on accessibility, IoT security to name a few.

Ongoing webinars, QA blogs and articles, including what we write for leading aggregators such as TechWell give us a right medium to share knowledge and learn from a global audience. Our thought leadership strategy operates top down – this includes insightful posts from our CxOs to our employees very regularly on varied topics relevant to the digital and technology world. All of these are regularly available on our website and social handles.

And most importantly, we believe in value driven thought leadership. We continue to receive several enquires, both from users to prospects wanting to talk to us. This is a testimony of our insights and thought leadership program where we diligently follow up on each, to ensure this is a two way flow of information rather than a one-sided sermon.

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Subject Matter Expert Team

Subject Matter Expert Team

We are a team of experts in evangelizing software testing worldwide, in addition to the services we provide. The knowledge center section of our website is one where you will find periodic updates including interesting articles, short reads, webinars, case studies, white papers etc. If you have any feedback, please do share in this section of the website.

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