QA InfoTech Foundation

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), is not a mandate or bureaucratic implementation at QA InfoTech. It is a way of life where we encourage all our employees, rather than a specific CSR group, to partake in CSR activities on an ongoing basis. For example, this could include a lemonade drive in hot summers or a blanket drive in cold winters on the roads of Noida, where our employees help the needy. That said, at the management level, specific goals are defined and further translated into implementation so that we have measurable outcomes in our CSR efforts too. Such goals range from assisting the under-privileged in elevating their living standards, providing equal educational opportunities to the needy, equal employment opportunities to the disabled, supporting local NGOs and institutions they run such as orphanages amongst others. Our efforts are mapped to both, which are tactical in which we are able to realize short term results and ones that are strategic in which results accrue over a longer period of time, as we believe this combinatorial approach is important in building a sustainable CSR effort that truly creates a difference in societal responsibility and up-liftment. The CSR group’s funding, spend, value addition is directly monitored by our CEO and the core executive management team.

To formally support our CSR goals and initiatives, QA InfoTech operates the Gauri Siksha Foundation – the foundation brings in a strong focus on supporting activities around the upliftment of the underprivileged (especially the ones in hunger, poverty, for girl child empowerment, women empowerment) through various innovative programs. This foundation is a formal shape to the ongoing investments the company has been making in the CSR space and we are excited this would give us a lot more accountable outcomes in the goals we set for ourselves. Some of the core focus areas of the foundation include:

Education –

We strongly believe education is one of the most powerful ways to provide sustainable upliftment to the needy. This is thus, obviously one of our top investment areas focusing on scholarship programs for the deserving. The program is kept simple at a process level, to make it effective in its reach and implementation. For additional details please visit the scholarship page.

Health Care & Hygiene –

What better place to start a foundation’s activities in a country like India, than Health Care & Hygiene. We work with organizations such as CRY, run our own apps such as to help bring health care awareness and implementation in areas within our reach in NCR.

Infrastructure –

We closely work with several institutions in the NCR area (Sai Kripa as an example) to provide the required infrastructure assistance, to help them sustain and scale their operations on an ongoing basis. Besides the financial support that we extend to them, we also engage with the in-mates in programs, events, ongoing activities to build a strong connect for our employees. These engagements bring in boundless positivity in our work environment too, with happy and contented employees, promoting a healthy work-life balance that focuses on all rounded development.

Hunger Abolition –

Food donation is said to be the best donation as the receiving entity will satisfactorily say “no more needed”. That said, so many across the country today are deprived of the next meal. To do our bit through the foundation, we set aside a small amount of money from every lunch meal coupon that is booked but not consumed in the company to be donated to food charity. This way we know when one employee misses honoring his coupon, he realizes that money is being given to a needy to be fed. Food drives are also regularly organized to serve the needy in the vicinity of our operations.

Equal Employment Opportunities –

This is a core goal of the organization, not necessarily through the foundation but even at a company level, promoting employment opportunities across a range of human abilities as well as a partnership with the Blind Relief Association, India.

Enable Gainful Employment –

We host periodic workshops and training sessions to empower the differently abled qualify for gainful employment. One such all day workshop was conducted in Noida recently and was well received by a sizeable number of visual and motor impaired users. As sensitization is the first step to digital inclusion, we also run a “I Care For Digital Accessibility” campaign, where we train not just the differently abled and the technologists, but really one and all.