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Quality Assurance / Engineering is critical to the success of any engineering effort, leave alone the technology industry. Even a manufacturing plant will have a strict quality control program. Thankfully, today’s digital industry completely understands and buys into the need for quality. However, the digital world is transforming rapidly. Along with the transformation it is undergoing from a technology, tools, team processes, roles standpoint, quality is also transforming. Quality as an important function in digital engineering is transforming itself in varied ways – this ranges from collaborative / collective ownership for quality, changing use of tools for automation, keeping manual efforts to the bare minimum especially where user experiences may be involved, enabling manual test engineers to move into quality engineering efforts, giving away a few responsibilities from their plate onto others including developers, operations and support team to enable them own quality too etc. In some cases, quality has even merged with the core development team as a function.

As advocates and practitioners of independent quality, this is not something we vouch for, but even in scenarios such as these, we do suggest practices to embrace independent quality – this was infact a keynote we did for QAI STC couple of years ago on “time to resurrect independence in quality”.

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At the end of the day, every organization is undergoing a quality transformation in its own ways, as part of the larger digital transformation – in some cases it is more role and process focused, in some cases it is more tool, technology focused amongst others. The key is for the organization to accept the need for transformation to further mature its quality function – this involves understanding the industry practices at large and further customizing it to one’s own specific needs. Having seen the quality transformation in several companies (start –ups and large enterprises), especially over the last few years, we are happy to help organizations stabilize through any transition hiccups they may be going through.

One key event we are soon hosting in this space is a webinar on “Test Automation Trends – 2017 and beyond”. Watch for our webinar space for further updates on this upcoming webinar and a recording from the session soon. If you would like to register for this event, please write to us at

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