QA InfoTech strongly advocates measurement of Quality – Qualitometer – at QAI 2007

QAI’s Annual International Software Testing Conference has been a highly popular offering that brings together practitioners and thought leaders from the Software Industry, Academia and Government for sharing and exchange of experiences, ideas and learning. The Conference’s real world approach delivers the latest state of the art and state of the practice in software testing and strategies being used by leading software organizations. The event comprised of Tutorials, a two day Conference, a gala dinner, vendor presentations, experience sharing and networking opportunities. The Conference laid emphasis on Software Testing as an important step in the product life cycle.

The major highlights of this event were:

  • Plenary Speakers
  • Focused Conference Tracks
  • Interactive Tutorials
  • Tool Showcase
  • Networking – It was a great opportunity to interact with colleagues, industry experts, solutions providers & peers to share ideas & discuss various opportunities.

Mukesh Sharma, the CEO of QA InfoTech who has over 12 years of work experience in QA management presented a topic “Qualitometer- Measuring Quality”. It was indeed a very thought provoking presentation. Mr. Sharma, commented, ‘The most important and difficult question any QA and testing organization deals with is “Are we ready to release?” How do we take all the risks and consequences in to consideration at any given point of time and set a clear release criterion?

The subject QualitoMeter deals with identifying a customized and balanced set of metrics that will help your organization track the progress of the project towards the ultimate goal i.e setting up clear release criteria. It explores the possibility of quantifying and assessing various aspects of software and come out with a successful organization-wide metrics program. It looks at few manageable and important metrics which signals quality deterioration if any negative development is noticed. This helps to take timely corrective actions when the measurements revealed by these set of metrics fall below a preset objective. These timely signals helps in determining schedule slips, quality of product being produced and amount of rework/maintenance once product is in production.

QualitoMeter is a balanced set of metrics that provide indicators helping the managers to get an insight into the quality of the product, software reliability, and the effectiveness of testing by measuring various parameters like requirement stability of a particular iteration, stability of a build with respect to the previous build, and stability of the entire build with respect to release readiness.’

Equally enlightening were the other presentations such as: ‘Testing – The Road Less Traveled’, ‘Usability Experiences in Product Testing’, ‘Requirements Centric Agile Testing Approach’ etc. Overall, the conference served as a great opportunity and platform for testing practitioners, software developers, software testers, project managers and software customers.

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