QA InfoTech partners with ValidateMe for simplifying Employee Background Verification

QA InfoTech is pleased to announce its partnership with ValidateMe to enhance the recruitment process. This partnership will help QA InfoTech in reducing the number of BGV (Background Verification) requests that it gets for its ex-employees. With this partnership we will be storing details of their current employees, validating documents of past employees and requesting background verification for prospective employees. Moving forward these requests will be addressed through the ValidateMe platform.

Prospective employers can directly go to ValidateMe and request the candidates to share their validated documents. Our ex-employees (and candidates) can keep their employment BGV profiles ready by uploading their previous employment records and getting them validated from their ex-employers. This would help all the prospective employers to do BGV in a quick, secure and cost effective manner.

Why ValidateMe?

One of the reasons why QA InfoTech chose to partner with ValidateMe is that they make the BGV process quick and secure by using blockchain technology. With blockchain technology, ValidateMe ensures that the documents uploaded on the platform, for BGV, will be accessible only to their respective owners and users (employer or employee) authorized by them. Even prospective employers will need authorization from the candidates to view their documents.

The ValidateMe platform dilutes the biggest drawback of using the likes of Google Drive, Dropbox and One Drive where all the documents on these platforms are accessible to the platform owners, who otherwise can misuse them. It addresses this challenge by storing the documents in a decentralized repository of distributed ledgers secured by blockchain which allows access only through an encrypted key.

With blockchain usage, ValidateMe keeps the documents immutable. The ex-employers can validate the documents and once validated, they cannot be altered even by the candidates. The prospective employers can then view the validated documents instantly without involving any third party. The conventional BGV methods which incurred high transactional costs and longer turnaround time will not be required as soon as more and more organizations come forward and adopt the product.

About ValidateMe

ValidateMe acts as a common platform for educational institutes, universities and organizations to share and store validated data secured by blockchain technology. The documents are stored in a decentralized repository of distributed ledgers secured by blockchain which allows access only through an encrypted key. Leveraging ValidateMe will cut down the average per candidate cost by almost 75%, organizations can enjoy maximum scalability with quicker delivery and 100% security with blockchain technology. For more information visit ValidateMe.

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