QA InfoTech Helping Women Resume Their Careers

QA InfoTech Helping Women Resume Their Careers

QA InfoTech has always worked on the philosophy of inclusiveness and equal opportunities for all. We have a diverse workforce and always strive to further promote diversity quotient. In a bid to help women currently on breaks resume their careers in the field of software testing, we recently launched a unique initiative.

Why Hire Women Who Are Not Currently Working?

Women in India often tend to leave or take a break from their professions to handle family responsibilities in their lives, post their wedding and/or childbirth. However, after a few years, when they may be ready to re-enter the professional world, either part of full time, it often is challenging to resume where they have left – some core reasons include how dynamic the industry is that makes it difficult for these women to upskill themselves and get back in. And some of them may not have the bandwidth to pursue a full-time career by visiting an office on a regular basis.

Amid COVID-19, work from home has become the norm; especially with IT organizations globally. Employees are working from home for over 8 months now while meeting expected targets.

Pondering over the current situation, QA InfoTech’s founder and CEO Mr. Mukesh Sharma came with the idea of hiring women who want to resume their careers in the field of software testing and quality assurance while working from their homes, bringing in the convenience and flexibility yet being able to productively get back into the industry. The opportunity will enable women to work from home at their own pace. This non-disruptive idea can make several women financially independent and confident to take up further professional roles in the future if they choose to.

Better Resource Optimization

Hiring these women employees will also help in augmenting the resource management scenario more efficiently. It will help bring in more agility in the system to meet increasing resource requirements and demand. QA InfoTech can leverage these resources as per the project requirements and this will also help in building a pool of resources that can be deployed as and when required.

With the dual motive to leverage the benefits of work from home and help resume the career of women who had to leave their jobs at some point in their life, QA InfoTech is hiring women from all over India. The initiative is focused on hiring women with prior software testing experience who want to re-start their careers.

QA InfoTech ran online campaigns across India to invite entries from women who will meet the above criteria. We are delighted with the overwhelming response we received and have already onboarded them and kickstarted the training for our first batch. After thorough training and knowledge transfer, they will start working on various projects assigned by QA InfoTech. We see this as a WIN:WIN Initiative – stay tuned for more such programs from the organization in the coming months.

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