QA InfoTech actively participates in the 11th Annual Software Testing Conference, organized by QAI

QA InfoTech is proud to announce its representation at the 11th Annual Software Testing Conference in India, organized by QAI, recently held in Bangalore on 1st and 2nd December. As pioneers in the Software Testing and Quality Assurance Industry, active participation in leading Testing conferences has been one of our prime goals to not only promote community knowledge sharing to showcase our expertise/IP, but also to promote ongoing learning for our employees. Our CTO, Kunal Chauhan says,“At STC, as a team, we were able to demonstrate to the Industry (both nationally and internationally) that we’re forerunners in brainstorming, nurturing and implementing new testing tools/techniques”



Of the several national and international conferences that we annually attend, QAI has been one of the top on our list given the conference’s charter and core focus on Software Testing. We have been a part of this important conference for the last several years now and we are happy that this year our foot print has been made on several fronts including:

  1. Key note presentation by Kunal Chauhan, our CTO on “Real-Time Enterprise Application Testing using Cloud and Open-Source: Wearing Software Architect’s Hat”.
  2. Conference presentations by two of our senior test members:
    1. Ramandeep Singh on “Effective Acceptance Test Automation”
    2. Himani Bhardwaj on “Accessibility Testing: Access to Everyone””
  3. Poster presentations on “Penetration Security Testing” and “Cubic Test Automation” by Harish Chaudhary and Deep Mohan

Our ongoing support for such thought leadership events extends beyond participation; we are excited to have hosted the conference’s regional rounds of auditions in November, in our campus in Noida. According to Mukesh Sharma, our CEO, “We strongly believe in this all rounded representation which not only emphasizes our mission of “Excellence, Partnership and Commitment in Independent Software Testing” but also provides the right set of avenues and opportunities for our employees to groom and show case their skills”.

Last but not the least, of the nearly 30 papers that were chosen for the conference’s “Best of Best Papers” award, both our presentations were short listed and the one on Accessibility Testing came in as the second runner up, which additionally strengthens our trust and belief in our employees capabilities and expertise. For more details on the conference itself, please visit:

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QA InfoTech

Established in 2003, with less than five testing experts, QA InfoTech has grown leaps and bounds with three QA Centers of Excellence globally; two of which are located in the hub of IT activity in India, Noida, and the other, our affiliate QA InfoTech Inc Michigan USA. In 2010 and 2011, QA InfoTech has been ranked in the top 100 places to work for in India.

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