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In this era of digital omnipresence, the print media and e-publishing industry have a very important role in making information available online, reliably and securely. Digitized and published online content calls for a methodical development approach that requires not only experienced developers, but also a set of best practices that have been built over time to cover all the nuances. It is a combined team effort with the right set of designers, developers and testers to build publishing solutions that are digitally robust, scalable and cost effective.

Our Offerings:

Our experts at QA InfoTech work with several leading publishers. From converting and publishing physical content in a digital format, to enabling content to be consumed across digital platforms, from taking on QE at a content pre-ingestion stage to catching issues early on, to checking for post ingestion digital content, the team at QA InfoTech has handled end to end as well as individual packages of work for several leading global publishers. This experience has enabled us build in-house frameworks, and a content specific QA team, all of which help us provide a very quick turnaround in the publishing work that is taken on, sometimes as short as a twenty four hour window. We have also helped clients that have wanted just remediation help with the defects found. So, come talk to us for your needs and we can put together a custom plan to address your individual requirements.