Picking the right audience to test your app

The mobile app testing market is huge and is further expected to grow at 18% CAGR YoY. It is a huge market which will only continue to grow given how existing and new technology is interlaced with the mobile ecosystem. Whether it be your latest in virtual reality, or Internet of Things, an app for the bank, or the life sciences, or government, mobile presence has become synonymous with app delivery. As global as the ecosystem is on one hand, it is equally local on the other with apps targeted at local needs both for profit and non-profit. Today, especially in developing countries like India, the app testing market is on the growing side – people recognize the importance of quality apps and targeted companies such as App Testing Experts and crowd users from specific fields that apps are built for, are leveraged to test the apps from thoroughness in engineering implementation and end user experience standpoints.

While the app testing user base is huge, it is an important choice for the app developers to make at the right time to ensure the chosen set has testing, domain, end user representation amongst the varied dimensions. Such a choice and engaging the app testers (even if they are a disparate team external to the core engineering team) upfront goes a long way in considering all elements of app design including performance and security. Accessibility is another core area of rising importance in app development which calls for special users to ensure the app is inclusive of one and all. Developers are also increasingly using unit tests to ensure the app is of a certain basic testable quality – when this is topped with the right audience to test your app, the market acceptance is so much better during and after release, given the user expectations in current market conditions.


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