Why is a paired testing effort important

In this day and age, the modus operandi to develop a software product cannot be done in isolation. The whole process requires a paired approach to not just eliminate as many bugs as possible but to bring in efficiency via a combinatorial effort. Such kind of paired testing becomes effective during an SDLC to incorporate testers as well in the process. A while back, a TechWell article threw light on the same concept wherein an amalgamated methodology of testing along with code design becomes the way to go.

This way, the path to achieve an end-to-end effort is maximized. It also gives the team the opportunity to perform exploratory testing for chalking out and traversing through newer domains to find more bugs if missed by another. Along with developing a strong test automation strategy with parallel coding and testing, this approach can be spanned across domains, such as security and accessibility to optimize the results.

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A tester’s or a developer’s stand-alone effort won’t produce 100% coverage but if done, say by incorporating the DevSecOps ideology or by testing in a team with a sighted as well as a non-sighted engineer, it would highlight the pain points earlier unknown, reducing both costs and time and optimizing resources as well. Thus, testing done as early as a software’s development and in congruence to it would prove to be more expedient than being done as isolated efforts. In the past, our clients have benefited from such an approach to amplify their users’ satisfaction and consider it to be a more robust mechanism than the ones adopted conventionally. The role of testers and developers too, have been merged and unified in the process helping them have a hands-on experience in various areas of delivering software products. This strategy adopted needs to exist for years to come especially, for independent organizations to sustain and realize the importance of a paired testing effort. And with this technique of two heads operating together rather than one, the way to deliver the desired quality and end-user experience can be carved exceptionally.



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