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What is an on demand service? The word “on-demand” is in buzz now. The scalability, speed, flexibility that an on-demand service provides makes it very popular. But what does on demand really mean – do we really understand that to start with? There was a nice quick read on “on demand” in huffington post last year which I would like to quote here at this time. According to the post, there are three main attributes for any service that claims to be on demand – it means variety, it means now and it means alternatives are not an option as what you get is the best. From all of these angles, we truly believe that we are well positioned for on demand accessibility testing services and this is how:

Accessibility Testing Services

    1. Variety – we provide a range of offerings as part of our accessibility testing services. This includes testing for web applications, desktop applications, all types of mobile applications, coverage from an end user standpoint, from a guidelines including (Sec 508, WCAG (A, AA, AAA), ADA) standpoint, outcomes that are best in state including VPAT reports and our own IP created objective report which is an accessibilitometer assessment gauge. Coverage also includes manual, automated, both on static code as well as dynamic runs. These enable the client to pick and choose what they really want, based on their accessibility maturity levels.


    1. Now – we operate at a scale where once a client contacts us for accessibility testing, we are able to bootstrap an effort within 24 business hours provided they are able to give us the required accesses and permissions. In most cases, we can even start off with a live user facing site, making it a true “now” experience. Within a matter of a 3-5 business days from when the client contacted us we are able to give them an actionable report on where they stand in terms of accessibility.


  1. Options aren’t an alternative – and also not needed, because with our combination of accessibility test experts along with visually challenged real end users take up web accessibility testing and all other areas in a paired manner enhancing and optimizing test coverage within the minimal time on hand. We have helped several organizations with their VPATs for accessibility compliance and also some leading ISVs be ranked as one the top in the space of accessibility. We don’t allow for options as an alternative, because we believe we provide the best services – that said we are actively learning from the industry, from our clients, from their users as we understand and acknowledge that accessibility in a product is an ongoing evolution to ensure ultimate user experience and satisfaction.

Taking all of these into account, we can confidently say we truly provide on demand accessibility testing services.

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