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Localization testing today, has become as important as ever in ensuring that applications are available to all; people from every part, every locale of the world. In a recent find, where a Telugu script bug was deduced as the cause for frequent crashes in Apple devices, how adversely do you think it impacts the end users? Well, a lot. From loss of data to wastage of time as well as resources, the impact on users is diresome. This recent bug found in a number of versions, especially in iOS 11 points out to the clear fact of making localization testing an important part of our testing effort.

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With 22 major languages and more than 1500 native languages in India itself, imagine the number of languages across the globe. Don’t you think this is reason enough to conduct end-to-end localization testing? In the particular case mentioned above, internationalization testing majorly comes into play, specifically- enablement testing, in ensuring that the localized characters entered do not cause any corruption in producing the desired output. With iPhones per se, it caused a major roadblock for applications like Whatsapp, Facebook messenger as well as Apple’s iMessage wherein the language bug caused a crash of the application altogether. Be it for scenarios related to the GUI, font rendering or formats, enablement testing becomes the way to go to ensure that any character-related bugs are extirpated. To ensure seamlessness in such a scenario, a thorough coverage for internationalization testing as well as localization testing is required along with an added focus on performance testing – an area which Apple will be concentrating on, in iOS 12. An effort to just conduct localization testing would be in vain if not looked at other areas as well, since the possibility of bugs can impact more than just one sect; putting reliability and performance at stake. Thus, the whole testing effort should be thoroughly looked into in order to avoid hindrances, be it for areas under localization or for performance as well.

To take into account the need for such an end-to-end testing environment becomes essential in understanding the effect of one area on the other, along with making applications support a number of languages from all over the world in an effort to provide not just a desirable user experience individually, but to unite the world altogether.

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