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About a decade back, the cloud was a boon to the technology industry – it still is a boon today in several different ways, including enhancing a tester’s productivity through its suite of IaaS offerings (infrastructure as a service). Some of the major areas organizations benefitted in the IaaS space included easier test setup especially for complex scenarios such as performance testing, compatibility testing etc. While this is still true today and a lot of organizations leverage say an EC2 or an Azure for areas such as performance testing, the need for an in house customized lab simulation is on the rise – thanks to technologies such as IoT, wearables, augmented and virtual reality, not everything can be tested on the cloud.

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Testing in a real time field scenario, especially in cases such as IoT, where all connected devices are in near and real time becomes very important to test all integration scenarios. As part of integration scenarios, security, performance, functionality, compatibility are all also accounted in the mix. A few years ago, we had blogged on how new technologies are taking us to the grassroots of testing, when it comes to an increase in niche manual skills especially in areas such as wearable computing. Along same lines, the new technologies are now also necessitating a very customized and local setup to bring in realistic field testing in house before an official pilot can be taken up with a limited set of real users. In addition to a pilot, in some sensitive scenarios, regulatory testing is also becoming inevitable especially in domains such as healthcare, life sciences, travel and transportation, where the tolerance level for failures especially in such connected environments, is most likely zero.


If there is one thing to take away from all of this, it is the need for testers to be extremely agile. There is no one size fits all solution. A customized test strategy is important in all cases – more so in cases such as these new and upcoming complex technologies, where a representative test setup accounts for almost half the success of a test effort. These are also clear cases where the users and the testers merge in their efforts in creating a successful quality strategy in delivering a product that truly aligns with what end users want – and for this, a local or an in-field setup is becoming increasingly inevitable.

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