Need for innovation in Health care App Testing

I just happened to read an article this morning on the need for innovation at scale in the health care industry – which is a huge industry. The US health care market alone is close to the size of economies of certain countries including Greece and Britain. This was a sponsored post by a health care product company but the message was strong and clear. There was one more interesting post I read about how a young professor of Computer Science and a certified genius is making strides in innovating in healthcare tech. Given the experience we have in working with product companies in the health care domain and the health care app testing we do for them, we agree with the message not just for the product itself, but the need to innovate for any health care services too including development and testing services.

In our case for instance we certainly see the need for innovation across the varied testing services whether it be functional including automation, performance, security, usability and accessibility etc. To quote a simple example – health care test suites are often large – there is very low or rather zero tolerance for errors. This calls for not just a robust core testing suite but also a very strong regression testing suite. Imagine identifying tests from thousands of scripts to determine which together form the right one for a fool proof regression. While one can go script less, when it comes to complex health care applications, scripted regression tests definitely help not just with coverage but also with compliance. This is an area where the test team can certainly innovate with smart/automated/keyword-driven ways of determining the regression suite.

Similarly, newer technologies such as wearables should certainly be leveraged to see how they can improve an engineer’s productivity besides just looking at them from end user solutions standpoint. For example, we had our engineer show how augmented reality can be used to log results in test case management solutions either with a thumbs up or down gesture. Such practices and innovations (either small or big) go a long way in testing for a large domain such as health care.

Often times innovation and R&D are only associated with the core product itself. It is important for product teams and engineers to understand that innovation is important from a work productivity and efficiency as well and they go a long way especially in domains such as health care where the scope of work is large and working smart is very important given the very low tolerance for errors.

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