Need for holistic perspective in app development

Developers have a large responsibility on their plate, don’t they? Today, quality is a collective responsibility – while we say testers have a responsibility to look at the application from a big and end user perspective, developers are also in stake today – they cannot merely look at system requirements to code away. While this is a starting point, a good developer does a lot more. He/she looks at the application / module under development holistically from a functionality, performance, security, usability angles amongst others. A responsible developer also has robust unit test cases to ensure the quality of the code he writes. He collaborates with testers to understand the test scenarios, quality of the module, where the application is falling short of, what else can be done, to ensure the chemistry is great both from the relationship he shares with testers as well as the product readiness for release.

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The developer is active to keep track of changes in technology, what is the latest, what coding best practices to leverage, what frameworks enhance productivity, how to ensure defects are minimal and experiences are great and consistent across a range of platforms the product is available on. While all these are important and inevitable, don’t they sound overwhelming?

Well, though the list may seem endless, one thing that will enable the developer take a step back and make these possible, is inculcating a holistic perspective in app development. This is increasingly important today given the number of freelance developers, in the mobile app development space. Multi-platform mobile development, smart phone app development in integration with other apps and devices, third party data sources have all become fairly common in the software development industry today. Developers who are traditionally considered isolated geeks will also now have to step out of their shell, in today’s age of collaborative development. And that one thing that will help them do well in what they do is developing a holistic perspective – this for that matter is helpful for all roles in software development, more so for a software developer.

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