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On one hand while we hear of incomplete and untested mobile apps, especially given the mass scale of freelance mobile app development that continues to happen, on the other side, it is welcoming to see mobile application testing entering a more mature landscape – thanks to the awareness for the need for better quality, empathy for users and their expectations, and the tool vendors, both OS makers and testing tool vendors at large. The testing tools environment in the case of mobile apps testing is slightly different compared to a standalone web application. There are a lot more tools (both commercial and open source) available to test stand-alone web applications given how deep rooted they are in the ecosystem too. But the lack of a plentiful set of options has itself made mobile apps testing more disciplined and structured from what we have seen.

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In most cases, the tool set comes embedded with the built in iOS and Android. For example, Voice Over and Talk Back are available as screen readers in iOS and Android platforms by default. Unit Testing Solutions are available as packaged solutions too. Herein, for example, in the case of iOS, extensive tutorials and webinars are available for use of XCTest and XCUITest in the testing lifecycle to be able to write robust scripts in addition to what the platform already provides. We don’t herein completely rule out the use of external testing tools in mobile apps testing. Robotium, Calabash are some of the more popular mobile testing tools amongst the plenty available in the market today – one site lists a long set of 58 mobile testing tools you will find valuable, with most of them being external tools, independent of the OS.

The overall awareness for mobile testing whether the app development is by an established organization or by freelance developers, the growing list of tools available today with adequate resources that make such tool usage easy, and ongoing commitment from app stores for quality of apps that they accept have all played and continue to play a significant role in the evolution of mobile apps testing. And given how mobile apps play a pivotal role for any new technology that comes in, be it AR, VR, AI such an evolution in quality also becomes inevitable.

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