Mobile Computing Testing is not a Domain in itself anymore

Domain knowledge, at least the core workflows in the domain you operate in goes a long way in further adding value in the role you play – whether it be app development or testing. How does this fare in the mobile computing space? While a lot more specialization is often sought for in the area of development (for example, front end developers, backend developers, game developers etc.) although the larger designation may often just read “developers”, when it comes to testing, mobile app testers was a good enough specialization in itself. A person with this skill set is able to show case his mobile app testing experience, whether it be native, hybrid, or web apps, with capabilities of testing it in a mobile environment. One area of specialization herein was whether you are an iOS specialized mobile app tester or an Android mobile app tester. Such a specialization further focused on tools, debugging utilities etc. specifically built for the mobile OS under consideration.

However, the above while still true is not fully true anymore. Mobile app testing isn’t enough of a specialization by itself anymore, if you closely look at the latest mobile app development trends. A lot of specialization around B2C, B2B (enterprise apps), mobile security, mobile gaming, mobile productivity, domains such as IoT, wearables, mobile performance, mobile accessibility, mobile interaction with cloud, analytics are all slowly but steadily seeping in that a tester cannot just call himself a mobile tester anymore. A specialization in one or more of these areas with a larger focus on mobile app testing trends will go a long way in further honing one’s portfolio. Mobile computing is here to stay – we just blogged on the mobile omnipresence and its impact on software testing in our earlier post – – with such deep rooted presence of the mobile, a further specialization for testers in mobile computing, as discussed above, is only going to create a further niche in software testing as a career.


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